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Posted by Ashitaka (Member # 4924) on October 29, 2007, 12:25:
So I guess as far back as 2005 the 2008 olympic mascots were previewed to the world. Here they are. I don't know if they have yet been discussed here. They remind me of those plastic troll toys ( 98% lead free) I had as a child. Which is appropriate that they are the mascot as they were probably made in China.

I had a visitor from China over for Dinner the other night. He brought me some cool Olympic swag from Beijing. I wonder how long they have been selling this stuff already? I don't remember what the mascots of the olympics have been in the past but I wonder if they always have been so mechandizable.

Posted by stevenback7 (Member # 5114) on October 29, 2007, 14:05:
Oh Awesome - they look so shiny and cute!!

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