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Posted by Callipygous (Member # 2071) on September 28, 2004, 03:33:
I went to a meeting last Thursday of my local community association, where among other things someone talked to us about setting up a car club in my area. I am not sure that it is for me, as my annual mileage is rather high, but it could be of interest to other forum members. If you are not a car fetishist, only use one occasionally and mainly for fairly short journeys, then this is a very cheap and hassle free way of getting access to a car.

Of particular interest to you geeks however is the way this scheme uses the internet and technology to achieve environmental goals with minimal administrative overheads. The speaker showed us one of the club cars. The keys were left permanently in the ignition, but you unlock it by pressing your members smartcard to the windscreen. Then you have to tap your membership PIN into a keypad to disable the immobiliser. If despite this the car is stolen, it is trackable by GPS, and the administrator can even activate the immobiliser from his laptop! All this digital voodoo is called telematics and is pretty darn cool. [Smile]

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