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Posted by dadaist (Member # 1073) on October 11, 2004, 18:49:
In early September of this year, the BBC issued a 3 CD set entitled "Douglas Adams at the BBC." Running very nearly four hours, it covers many "Douglasy" items that were run either on radio or television, covering a timespan between 1974 and 2001. The program(me) spanning the three discs is narrated and bridged by Simon Jones, and the entire thing is laid out in an "A to Z" (read: A to Zed) format.

Excerpted are such programs as "The Burkiss Way," with 2 clips from 1977, Last Chance to See (the radio series), with 4 clips from 1989, many many clips from the Omnibus tribute to Douglas Adams from the 4th of August 2001 (which I believe is on the US edition of the H2G2 DVDs, in its entirety), 4 clips from his very last radio project (while alive) "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Future", from late 2000, and a couple of clips from his first Doctor Who story, "The Pirate Planet" (as well as a radio interview about Doctor Who that also appears on "Doctor Who at the BBC, Vol. 1").

While a lot of clips from/about H2G2 itself are conspicuous by their absense, Simon Jones himself says on disc 2 that so much has been said and written about the series already, that further statements would be redundant. But there's still quite a wealth of material here, and lots of it has NOT been released in recorded form before (with the two exceptions noted above).

Overall, I give it a fairly high score, 4 out of 5, as it's nice to finally be able to hear a lot of the material that IS referred to within the various biographies. Although I have to admit I like the version of the Kamikaze sketch that has its script printed in "Don't Panic" over the recorded version here (although, granted, that one is written for a visual presentation, and the other is an audio adaptation).
Posted by dadaist (Member # 1073) on October 11, 2004, 18:52:
So - if you want a copy, head on over to - they gladly and very readily import to North America (and likely most of the rest of the world as well). It's currently priced at 9.59 GBP (nearly US$20) - although they will also knock off VAT for non-UK residents, but in the end, you'll also have to pay air mail in most cases. If you'd like to surf around for a better deal, the ISBN is
Posted by dadaist (Member # 1073) on October 11, 2004, 18:58:
My final word on the subject: while it's great to have a lot of these excerpts at long last, I'm surprised that there's NOT been an audio release of the entire Last Chance to See radio series. I emailed BBC Audiobooks last week, and got this reply:

Dear Mr. B____

Thank you for your enquiry. I'm afraid that there are no plans at present to publish the Last Chance to See series.

However I have forwarded your email to our commissioning editor as listener feedback is very important to us and does help form decisions about future editorial policy.

So, if anyone ELSE out there would like to here the complete original radio series (and I've asked Snaggy already if it's ok to post this), please go to and choose your method of contacting them. Maybe we can convince them to release another CD set?
Posted by Stibbons (Member # 2515) on October 12, 2004, 02:26:
Interesting points, but could have been helped by the use of this  - button for clarity [Razz] And don't forget to use the Amazon affiliation link if you are going to buy it [Smile]
Posted by dadaist (Member # 1073) on October 12, 2004, 04:23:
Do they hold an Amazon UK affiliation? You have to sign up for each country's Affiliates program, which is a bit of a pain. I know AtAT has done it. I only hold one with the main US site, myself.

Plus, if you look at it, there's three different things there, hence three posts.

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