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Posted by Colonel Panic (Member # 1200) on July 24, 2007, 18:36:

An event that demonstrated the absolute coldness and callousness of the American "Christian" Right was the abandonment of the hospitals during Katrinia, as well as the leaving behind of the infirm lodged there and the mistreatment of the Physicians and Nurses who sacrificed thier comfort, safety and lives to stay behind.

Who left these people to die in order to advance their political agendas?

The Liberty University right, the Libertarian Christian in Montana Right, the "Compassionate" Conservative right. The South Carolina War Monger right. The Tim McVeigh, Ruby Ridge, Waco Whacko conservative.

In fact, by all accounts of Fox News, this number includes virtually anybody who voted for George W. Bush.

We all reacall those who posted and made a strong point about how the people in New Orleans could have taken buses out -- all conveniently forgetting there is always a small group of people in hospitals who cannot be moved, and a smaller group of people who will stay to care for the helpless.

For political capitol, and to advance racist fundamentalist church agendas, these people were left in hospitals to die in pain.

Terry Schiavo is only political rallying point for these kooks -- when real lives are to be saved these nuts are absent. Or worse, they use their racist views to condemn those who had no chance to escape the impending storm -- this the nature of their God, Satan, the prince of darkness.

To witness murder by politics, we can all understand why this political faction lacks the basic huminity required for reason. To attempt to reason with them is like appeasing Hitler.

They are killers without remorse.

I have no sympathy for the devil, nor for his legions.

Colonel Panic

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