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Posted by Chesty (Member # 2460) on November 19, 2005, 18:52:
We are clearing out our office and I have two old Imacs (G3s) and two or three olf PowerPCs (also G3) and some 17 monitors that I need to find a loving home for or else.

If you live near myrtle beach (shipping would probably be toom much) and want it, Let me know - $30 per computer. I am keeping one Imac keyboard for my notebook.
Posted by FireSnake (Member # 1181) on November 20, 2005, 10:06:
Shipping may not be that much through USPS, depending on how it's shipped.

USPS Postal Calculator

You could put them on ebay, too, if you get no takers here.

/me hates seeing perfectly good computers get tossed out.
Posted by RScottV (Member # 3540) on November 21, 2005, 09:45:
You should check your local grade schools and community groups. There are some that need even older tech stuff. I called one of our schools about a Strawberry iMac recently and they were happy to have it. (Because schools sometimes get stuck with inopperable stuff that they then have to pay to recycle, I gave them my contact info and offered to come get it if they can't use it.) You can take a tax deduction for an "in kind" donation. Prior to the donation, do an eBay search to see the going rate for your computer and save that for your IRS documentation. Ask the school for a list of the items that you donate and the date of the donation as well.

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