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Posted by FatGnome (Member # 1068) on October 29, 2003, 06:49:
How do i get so busy. I hear this all the time now. Fortunatly I have the answer for myself. I am taking 20 credits have a job and play Ultimate Frisby with a travel club. That and on top of that I just started playing Star Wars Galaxies. That game sucks your time away like a blackhole. I love everything that I am doing but it leaves me with precious little time to do anything else. One thing I do have going for me though is that I don't have a girlfriend. Now if only I could find one that would sit next to me at a computer terminal and play SWG with me that would be amazing. Or I might give up the game if I found a girl that I liked enough or... well anyway that started to sound like something that should be in the love threads. Back to my moping about being busy. I see some new faces since I drpped off the face of the web a couple months ago and its good to see all of ya around.

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