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Posted by perfectstormy (Member # 1434) on April 25, 2003, 05:55:
Redmond, WA: In response to rumors about Apples new filesystem, codenamed "Piles", Microsoft announced today that it changed the codename for it's new filesystem to "Uncomfortatble, Embarrassing Itching." Open Source advocates quickly responded with a series of patches that merged the PostgresSQL, XFS and ReiserFS projects into a new effort, code-named 'Enlarged Prostate.'

In related news, Symantec, makers of the popular Norton Utilites software, announced a joint effort with Wyeth Consumer Healthcare, makers of Preparation H.

In a press conference, the software company made two revelations regarding the new partnership: that their own internal efforts in producing Preparations A-G were unsuccessful, and that the "life preserver" pointer in Norton Utilites has actually been an inflatable cushion since the early nineties.

An industry insider commented, "Computing has always been a pain in the ass--it's about time the industry admitted it publicly."

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