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Posted by Eponine (Member # 548) on December 24, 2001, 15:56:
...without my IRC. I've tried to find a way to chat on #aftery2k with you all, but I can only get to certain channels on Slashnet. None of them being #AY2K. If any of you know of a way I can chat short of dling something onto my dad's computer (BIG no-no), then I'll be in as quick as I can. And yes, I tried the /join command. It's not working.
Posted by -ct- (Member # 209) on December 24, 2001, 16:45:
wait a sec....

a geek WITHOUT his (her) PC?!

wazza madda? no laptop to take with you?!

ok,ok, if i knew these guys had one, i could tell you to use your browser to connect to irc

i've seen links for that before, but not here

snaggy? got one set up? they're supposedly easy to do if not

Posted by MrJ (Member # 730) on December 24, 2001, 16:47:
I tried the /join command on the main window... worked for me. If not, I suppose I could set up a shell account somewhere if you have a good secure shell (ssh) or telnet client on that computer.
Posted by Eponine (Member # 548) on December 24, 2001, 17:01:
A laptop would be nice, but I don't have enough money for it. Slashnet has a java client that I've tried, but when I type on the /join command, it doesn't recognise it... it did the first time I did it, but it hasn't since the first time. I think I might have done something illegal, but I don't know what.

[edit: It says "***command not available"]

I've been given a shell account before, and I don't think there were any problems with that...


Posted by MrJ (Member # 730) on December 24, 2001, 17:19:
The ever-reliable browser java irc client. *cough*

Ok, the account details have been e-mailed using the address from your profile.

Posted by greycat (Member # 945) on December 26, 2001, 11:23:
If the client computer is a Windows PC, I highly recommend that you install PuTTY, a small but excellent terminal emulator + telnet/ssh client for Windows.

MS-Telnet is so bad that you shouldn't even consider running it.

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