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Posted by Maggs (Member # 4682) on May 15, 2007, 19:01:
lease post these things:

GC Handle (for PMing): Maggs AIM SeanMaggs03
Age: 23
Occupation: Graduate Student / Technical Assistant (I photocopy engineering drawings, and look at them really really hard too, curiosity kills the cat. Sluice gates are useful. )

Interested in Having Kids (and when in your life, if yes): Yes at the age of 30
Area of the World you Live (and if you could stand an LDR): New York City, Yes
Interests and Hobbies: Computers, Programming, Reading Wired, and books Netflixing stuff
Looking for (man/woman): Woman XX Chromosome preffered

And something quirky about you that's cute interesting or funny

I tend to know a lot of random facts, that normal folk find quite boring and useless.

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