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Posted by Rhonwyyn (Member # 2854) on April 18, 2005, 22:31:
Barista Battle
Posted by csk (Member # 1941) on April 18, 2005, 22:49:
But where are the hot female, yet chain-smoking and unobtainable baristas? I call shenanigans.

Edit: See, now that's what I'm talking about. [Wink]
Posted by Koboldskind (Member # 3849) on April 19, 2005, 00:43:
What do I have to do to be a judge there?
*wantwantwantwantwant* [crazy]
Posted by dragonman97 (Member # 780) on April 19, 2005, 09:48:
Man, it's been too long since I've been to Seattle....oh...the coffee...

It turns out I still have some utterly sublime coffee from over there in the fridge, and I made a cup the other day - wow!

/me goes off to consume the closest approximation to it...*sigh*
Posted by Xanthine (Member # 736) on April 19, 2005, 10:19:
Holy shit, that stuff's still good?? I thought fresh ground coffee went off after a week or so.
Posted by OhMyGoddessSixx (Member # 3858) on April 19, 2005, 11:01:

Ah yes, us Washingtonians and our obsessive caffeine habits.

I can't go on existing if I didn't have my quad shot white chocolate espresso shake with no whip on a daily basis.

I WILL have a personal Starbucks in my apartment someday. [Big Grin]
Posted by quantumfluff (Member # 450) on April 19, 2005, 18:09:
I have to laugh at the pompousness of a Barista competition. I've been drinking Espresso for over thirty years and, when it comes down to it, you just want a perfect tasting tiny cup of black coffee with just the right amount of frothiness on top. Maybe a twist of lemon peel or a shot of Sambuca. All these latte concoctions are style without substance.
Posted by Koboldskind (Member # 3849) on April 20, 2005, 02:58:
Sorry to disagree quantumfluff, but a Latte is not a bad thing. I love espresso, the smaller and stronger, the better. But from time to time, a Caramel Machiatto, a Cafe Latte or soemthing of that kind is a really nice thing to have

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