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Posted by garlicguy (Member # 3166) on February 25, 2005, 14:23:
As soon as I saw today's JoT I knew you were on to something big and real.

I've been trying to track orders by number of visitors and number of pages visited, etc.

The heck with that. I'm gonna get a water cooler and start making some money!
Posted by Rhonwyyn (Member # 2854) on February 25, 2005, 20:18:
Hey GG... How many jars are in a case? How long will they last unopened?

Oh, and this technically isn't a threadjack 'cause you got a page hit from me to check out prices on cases (I assume it's most economical to be a case of sauce).

EDIT: Oh hey, there're 12 jars in a case (I checked the shopping cart order). Do you take Paypal? Would that be feasible for you? (It's really handy 'cause I don't have to go hunting for my credit card.)

Hmmm... one jar of sauce costs about as much as one month of SuperFan status. Puts an entirely different perspective on the dollar. They're both worth it, though! [Smile]
Posted by greycat (Member # 945) on February 28, 2005, 05:18:
Rhonwyyn said:
(I assume it's most economical to be a case of sauce).

Well... I suppose it's better than being a wine butt.

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