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Posted by AntonTakk (Member # 4686) on November 26, 2005, 16:17:
I have been working on this robot on and off for a few months, and have gotten to a point where I just need to save up money before continuing. at present, it runs on 4 AA batteries, driving a 6V erector set motor, and a 9V battery powering the control circuit and steering servo. My plans for it include a power upgrade to an 18v radio shack motor that is slightly souped-up by spacing the magnets in to the amataure (sp?) with bits of news paper, $300 (USD) worth of sensors so I can try to teach it not to run in to walls and such, and using either relays or beefy transistors to controll the direction the motor spins.

It is going to be self-controlled via a Basic Stamp ( micro controller, which is programmed with a customized version of basic called PBasic. The frame/wheels/etc are from an erector set.

pictures and a vid of the front wheels steering, two formats: avi and mpeg:
Posted by Steen (Member # 170) on November 26, 2005, 21:55:

You might check out American Science and Surplus for motors before spending at Radio Shack, by the way. They usually have a pretty good variety of motors at better prices and the catalog descriptions are generally a lot more entertaining.
Posted by AntonTakk (Member # 4686) on November 26, 2005, 23:13:
Thanks for the link and recommendation, but I already own the radio shack motor, and have already spaced the magnets in, and shimed the shaft to hold the drive pully tightly. not to mention it only cost me like 6 bucks (i think)

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