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Posted by Baxxmann (Member # 2712) on May 12, 2004, 07:24:
I need help saving hidden files of a floppy to another floppy disk. Its bin like 22 years so i have forgotten abit. I can save like this but forgot if strings were needed..

save"program name",8

because i have a disk drive.. but the hidden files won't transfer and progy won't work... HELP PLEASE i am trying to get old important data my dad left me in a will on the damn disks. he use to be a programer so its all i have left. He passed on 4 months ago. Thanks VERY much to whom replies....
Posted by MrMachineCode (Member # 609) on May 16, 2004, 20:38:
There used to be a program for the PC called "22Disk" or something because it could read 22 floppy formats on a PC. I downloaded it from the net last year to read my old CP/M disks from my old Epson QX-10. I bet 22 Disk would allow you to read those disks on a Windows PC provided you put a 5.25 drive in.

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