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Posted by Rhonwyyn (Member # 2854) on February 23, 2014, 00:42:
I learned from an IT guy that a laptop program one of my local schools recently rolled out had been Slashdotted, so I thought I'd share an article about it here. It's not thoroughly geekified - like, I don't know whether they're using Unity or Mint - but I thought you guys might still find it interesting.

PMHS Practices "Ubuntu" With Laptop Program
Posted by Serenak (Member # 2950) on February 23, 2014, 10:07:

Interesting article and to some extent the FOSS cost angle is exactly the angle I would say I am surprised more schools haven't used to go that direction (i.e. the potential cost reduction in the setting up of such a scheme) - of course when such schemes are mooted it is often up to the local Govt. IT Dept to make the decisions... and we all know how defensive and entrenched some of those can be)

FWIW Rhon, Mint is a different Linux "Distro" to Ubuntu... though I believe based on or derived from Ubuntu. Unity is the default desktop environment for Ubuntu (though being an old stick in the mud I always switch to the Gnome Classic Fallback option [Wink] )
Posted by Rhonwyyn (Member # 2854) on February 23, 2014, 23:05:

Shows how much I've been out of things. I totally misunderstood what my IT guy was saying.

Penn Manor's IT head is really forward-thinking. He got really excited when talking about how much the students are involved. The seniors mentioned in the article are pretty much running things, it seems. Adults are there for back-up, of course, but the kids seem to have it under control. (It reminds me of my days at Penn State: undergraduates manned the helpdesk.)

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