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Posted by TheMoMan (Member # 1659) on September 02, 2009, 08:59:
____ Product Safety Warning This message is for those that live in North America.

____ Many of you have seen the Adverts for fiber cereal bars, supposedly for better digestion, a couple of these ads are even funny. Do not be deceived, if you have trouble with eating gassy foods DO NOT I SAY, DO NOT EAT THESE CEREAL BARS. Fiber One, and Fiber Plus, will cause you to create enough gas to heat a small village, you will be walking and talking with your sitter-downer. You will double over from the cramps, your abdomen will become distended, you may even uninate your pants from the gas.

____ One bar is not too bad, two or more are dangerous, they taste so good you will be tempted to eat more than one DO NOT EAT MORE THAN ONE IN ANY ONE DAY Damn are they good.

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