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Posted by californiarockr (Member # 1986) on June 10, 2005, 22:40:
Quotes taken from the orange movie project page

From Ton Roosendaal

After months of silent work behind the scenes, I'm very proud to announce the following:
The Blender Foundation and the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts, have agreed on producing a 3D Animated Movie Short, to be created with the Open Source 3D suite Blender and other OS tools such as Yafray, Python, Verse, Gimp, and Cinepaint.

Open Movie
Not only will the project be realized with Open Source/Free Software, but also the resulting movie - including all the production files and software - will be published under an open public license. This makes it an exciting premiere as first ever "Open Movie" project!
The movie will be rendered on film resolution, becomes available on DVD and is targeted to be transfered to film for theatres.

Basically, an opensource movie put on by none other than the Blender project.

For those of you who dont know, Blender is a high quality, now opensource, 3D animation suite. It is mainly used for modeling, it includes Yafray, a more than decent raytracer for rendering. It is now opensource, but used to be in house software for game company NeoGeo (games are low poly- but blender can do low or hi poly just fine- its actually a NURBS based modeler). Ton Roosendaal organized a public fund to purchase the source code from the company who developed it, and then released the source when the fund reached the price. He is once again making a huge (and unusal) step in the OpenSource movement.

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