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Posted by bull3t (Member # 852) on May 31, 2005, 12:18:
hows it going, everyone? figured it was about time for my every-so-often update [Smile] utah is gorgeous now that its warm and sunny. the mormons have tried to convert me, and have failed miserably. life is peachy at the moment.. i'm got myself a gig watching my nephews while my sister's away in training for the AF reserves.. or "live-in babysitter" if you wanna be a prick about it [Smile] i get paid to watch my chill young newphews and lounge most of the day.. haha the right line of work for me. anyway, hows everyone been? good, i hope. I have to give respectful greetings to Nitro and Snagz0r, FS, and of course, Red [Smile] You guys take care, I'll check in more often now that I have internet access again... even if it is AOL [Smile]

Oh, by the way...


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