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Posted by The real Stealth (Member # 4615) on August 19, 2008, 01:15:
So my Girlfriends brother gave me the Diablo battlechest and I installed it on my old POS laptop. My girlfriend wondered if there was anyway she could join me from hers so I copied the D1 disk (it is not copy protected) and installed the WinXP NWLink IPX/SPX driver on my laptop talked her through doing it on her new one and found out that low and behold... Vista does not have or support NWLink or Novell IPX/SPX Drivers as Microsoft has deemed them to be Legacy tried forcing my XP driver in but it says the module is missing. Does anyone know of an IPX/SPX driver for Windows Vista (mabey from a Novell Netware Client Disk or something?

I just cant find one and dont know where to look on Novell's Site.

If I cant get this to work then I will just tell her to get her own copy of D2:LoD so we can play.

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