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Posted by Luke Skywalker (Member # 3096) on October 21, 2007, 18:38:
So Ive given up on the sun server I have for a while. Moved on to this workstation I bought recently second hand.

I think everything works on it. Drives whirr up, lights blink, but it doesnt put anything out to the monitor. Its a Sun Blade 100. Onboard VGA output. Ive got a native sun keyboard and mouse attached. I dont think the mother board is dead, as the heatsink on the CPU gets hot (meaning it is working). I reset the jumpers on the BIOS, no luck. The only irregularity I can find, is that "power on" light isnt coming on. I intend to trace the line to see if it is faulty, but it doesnt look disturbed from what I could see of it.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Also, does anyone know if this type of thing will support a standard PCI vid card? Ive got plenty of spares, and wonder if it will send vid output to it.
Posted by spungo (Member # 1089) on October 22, 2007, 16:06:
Not sure about the vid card, but you can always try the serial port trick on the Blade -- should work exactly the same. If you get nothing, then it may be that the machine is borked.
Posted by Anhaedra (Member # 12143) on November 01, 2007, 11:14:
I have the same problem with my Ultra 60... Everything powers on, but no video. I'm using a Belkin sun adapter because I don't have a Sun monitor or keyboard.

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