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Posted by Steen (Member # 170) on July 03, 2007, 12:05:
Does anyone know of an MP3 player (the physical kind... batteries, headphones, etc... not software) that supports .cue files?

The closest player I've been able to find so far is the Daisy MP3 build-it-and-program-it-yourself kit, but I'd rather avoid putting that much effort into this project.
Posted by CommanderShroom (Member # 2097) on July 03, 2007, 12:28:
You mentioned you didn't want to go through the work of a build it yourself system. So this may be more than you care to futz about with.

But RockBox is supposed to handle .cue files.
Posted by Steen (Member # 170) on July 03, 2007, 13:05:
It's mostly the box o' parts, PCB and soldering iron that I don't want to deal with. Rockbox looks like it would suit my needs perfectly. Now I just need to buy a supported player [Smile]


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