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Posted by Confused (Member # 3956) on May 18, 2005, 10:49:
Please bear with me. This may hve been asked before....Old Game was out 16 years...went down the tubes....someone made an emulator to run the game again a few years ago...kept it copywrite or whatever ( if this is the correct term to use) on it...gave it to someone to use to play this game while they continued coding...that person passed it on to another and person made it a public server to let all who asked to play the game online...original coder mad and has admitted to hacking into this persons computer and messing up databases etc..has other peoples personal information....said first had backdoor to it then said coded certain features that allow remote acccess to "fix" things....did the coder have to right to get the personal files from other persons compter and to mess with the data base....talking lawful rights Thank you please reply soon
Posted by drunkennewfiemidget (Member # 2814) on May 18, 2005, 16:58:
Posted by Serenak (Member # 2950) on May 19, 2005, 00:49:
Regardless of who wrote the code and who has it now the original writer does not have any right to "hack" into another system and trash/steal files...

That is just plain illegal certainly in the the UK and US there are special offences dealing with just such matters...

Posted by Brother Dysk (Member # 3777) on May 22, 2005, 22:12:
How is using a backdoor to access another computer hacking? It isn't. It's not even cracking. At the very utmost, it's script-kiddie-ing.
Posted by Serenak (Member # 2950) on May 23, 2005, 07:10:
Hence my use of "hack" in deliberate inverted commas Brother...

Regardless of how they get in taking/copying/tampering with other peoples' files, DB's etc. is illegal just about everywhere - period....

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