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Posted by nerdwithnofriends (Member # 3773) on April 29, 2005, 15:03:
hey everyone. I was just wondering if you guys would recommend any books for learning fortran and asm.

I'm mostly interested in asm, because I have this thing where I have to make every program I write as efficient as possible. call it an obsessive-compulsive behavior (it's why I hate using java for anything other than simple web applications).

mostly, I'm trying to look at these from a C programmers point of view, so if there are any 'asm for C programmers' titles out there, i'd like to hear about them.

Oh, and I work on a powermac, so i guess i'm looking for asm of the ppc variety. tried googling it, found it difficult to find information.
Posted by Unclear_Physicist (Member # 3784) on April 30, 2005, 14:08:
The only advice I can really give with regards to fortran, considering that I am by no means an expert in programming, is ensure you get a book relating to the exact version of fortran you're wanting to use, i.e. fortran 77/90/95/2003, as there are subtle differences which can be problematic if converting from one version to another.

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