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Posted by cheezi git (Member # 1598) on March 07, 2004, 22:15:
my manager needs a diary that she can post on the net. she moves around a lot and she doesn't want to take a big diary with her.

she also wants other people to be able to see the diary, and also to be able to post meetings as well.

is there a way that you can do this? it doesn't have to be fancy, just an xl spreadsheet, or even just a word doc.

is is possible to use outlook in this way?

Posted by Jessycat (Member # 1171) on March 07, 2004, 22:26:

Why aren't you on Yahoo? [cry baby]
Posted by -ct- (Member # 209) on March 07, 2004, 22:29:
how about just starting a blog?

seems like a good idea, at least on the surface - nearly everyone can post to it as comments
Posted by csk (Member # 1941) on March 07, 2004, 22:41:
Originally posted by Jessycat:

Why aren't you on Yahoo? [cry baby]

Not OT. That's a pretty good suggestion there, Jessycat [Smile] Yahoo Calendar mightn't be a bad solution to cheezi's manager's problem. Web based, can be viewed by other people if set up right, and can even sync to a Palm, apparently. I haven't looked at it in a while, but check it out.
Posted by Jessycat (Member # 1171) on March 07, 2004, 22:47:
ummm... yeah.... that's what I meant! I'm so smart! heh [crazy]
Posted by hey-U (Member # 2128) on March 07, 2004, 23:13:
Outlook Web Access might be the answer - as long as your boss is using Windoze...

Are you running Exchange Server?
Posted by Allan (Member # 1717) on March 07, 2004, 23:29:
Cheezi, if she's got a mac no problem. You will need a web server running PHP with WEBDav and a natty program called php i-calendar, which is open source, free and not a huge PITA to set up. if i get a lunch break today I'll have a google and see if you can do the same with anything on windoze.
Posted by cheezi git (Member # 1598) on March 10, 2004, 13:03:
yahoo calendar seems good. you can set it so anyone can see it, and authorised people can change it and add meetings to it (on second thoughts maybe authorised should be allowed only to delete meetings?)

thanks for the suggestions

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