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Posted by Stibbons (Member # 2515) on October 08, 2017, 14:53:
Where's the hype? [Geek]

I've just gone and upgraded my old iPhone 6, with its six hour battery life (we absolutely hammer the phone at work, mostly due to having terrible signal indoors while being forced to run very badly designed apps) to an 8 Plus. Lovely camera, battery that lasts all day (for now), and I finally get why people say Force Touch is actually useful.

I'm just hoping now that I don't have buyer's remorse when the shiny iPhone X appears! I keep telling myself that the first generation of Apple products never live up to expectations, and by the time the iPhone Xi arrives on the scene with all the issues ironed out and the features it actually needs I'll be due an upgrade, but what do you guys think?
Posted by TheMoMan (Member # 1659) on October 08, 2017, 16:29:
Stibbons: this is going to sound like hearsay, get the cheapest flip phone that has good reception, and a good tablet. You then do not have to worry about your phone being hacked. Are there any tablet virii out in the wild? People I know that work in sensitive jobs do just that very low risk.
Posted by Snaggy (Member # 123) on October 09, 2017, 11:34:
Congrats on your new Plus! [Applause]

I have an iPhone 6 Plus, and love it, although the size took a while to get used to. The X seems nice as it's a bit smaller than the Plus, yet still has the big screen and all the photo goodies. If I had the dough, I'd spring for an X just for the shiny, but I think your strategy is good too. There's enough new stuff on the 8 Plus, and it's enough of an upgrade to keep you happy for a long time.
Posted by The Famous Druid (Member # 1769) on October 10, 2017, 02:53:
Shiny new toy!

I'm still using my iPhone 5, but I've gotta say, the bigger screen on the 8+ looks mighty good to my poor ageing eyes.
Posted by Snaggy (Member # 123) on October 10, 2017, 12:52:
The Plus screen is awesome. Nitro is always stealing mine to use, and is getting a larger screen when she eventually upgrades. Plus you get the great camera.

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