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Posted by Mac D (Member # 2926) on March 08, 2007, 18:41:
We havn't had one of these in a while. So here we go, I was asking a friend what a good person to do this on thats been in the news a lot. He said Anna Nicole Smith and I said that it would be in bad taste. So he said "Why not Dick Cheney?" And I thought yeah he's the but of a lot of jokes. So edit dick any way you see fit. No rules and winner gets ....... well, to tell every one that (s)he won a photo editing contest.

I like to use You can post thumbs or the full picture. Also there is no sign up page. So you don't need to give then any information. Just upload and post.

Posted by Mac D (Member # 2926) on March 08, 2007, 19:21:

Posted by maximile (Member # 3446) on March 08, 2007, 21:15:
I'm too ignorant of American politics to do something insightful or funny, but I can't resist an excuse to open Photoshop:

Posted by iWanToUseaMac (Member # 4993) on March 09, 2007, 03:26:
That should be Al Gore, Emperor of The Moon and Rider of the Lunar Worm.
Posted by boo (Member # 5991) on March 09, 2007, 21:33:
Originally posted by iWanToUseaMac:
That should be Al Gore, Emperor of The Moon and Rider of the Lunar Worm.

Don't forget, Inventor of the Internet. [Wink]

Sorry Mac, I would gladly join if I had any skill whatsoever.
Posted by Colonel Panic (Member # 1200) on March 13, 2007, 18:50:
I'm not comfortable posting certain things in here.

For example, when I hear about the Charman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff declaring war against gays in the military, instead of say .. improving conditions at Walter Reed Hospital, or God forbid, winning any of the wars we have going on in Afghanistan or Iraq, then a Shakespearian quote comes to mind,

"Methinks thou dost protest too much."

At the moment I can't find the photo materials to show former Representative Mark Foley up the General's backside while the General is engaged orally with preacher, and gay male prostitute client, right-wing fundamentalist preacher Ted Haggard.

This picture I conjure is what most Americans call "The Values Voters' Wet Dream."

Until ASM and any other clueless members of the lieing, boy-poaching right can give me a solid explanation why we haven't won any of the wars in any of these thrid-world crap cans, this picture in my mind will work for me.

Colonel Panic
Posted by zesovietrussian (Member # 1177) on March 19, 2007, 19:05:

Are you sure the one you posted isn't photoshopped? I think this is the original [evil]


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