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Author Topic: DWTS Season 12 Quick Hits

Icon 1 posted March 21, 2011 14:24            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Here's a quick overview of what went on on DWTS tonight, in Week 1's competition.

Chelsea & Mark led it off with a nice routine, graceful if a bit uneven. (21) Wendy & Tony were game, but she started off sluggish and awkward, though she warmed up a bit. (14) Hines & Kym had lots of energy; he looked like a big kid out there! (21) Petra & Dmitry were tres elegant...she may have stumbled a bit in one part. (18) Romeo & Chelsie proved he could outdo his infamous father; he had the right moves, and wore the right SHOES! (19)

Sugar Ray & Anna were game in spots, even if he looked stiff and awkward. (17) Kendra & Louis also had awkward moments, and she was also maybe a bit uncontrolled. (18) Ralph & Karina were the surprises of the night; his moves flowed well, his performance was excellent. (24) Chris & Cheryl managed to get some hip action in there, but he still looked a bit like a lumbering bear. (19) Mike & Lacey...well...can you say "The Situation, Part Deux"? (13) And Kirstie and Maks...personality all the way! Her moves were surprisingly strong! (23)

Ralph & Karina were at the top of the leaderboard, while Mike & Lacey occupy the cellar. No elimination this week, tune in next Monday when everyone dances again!

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Icon 1 posted March 28, 2011 14:30            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
We're all back for Week #2, just before the first elimination! (Scores this week are, first, this week's score, and second, the combined total.)

Sugar Ray & Anna improved this week with their jive; his sync was fair to middlin', and he was doing his best to keep up. (17, 34) Kendra & Louis had some sloppy footwork in the quickstep; she might have been trying too hard, her smile looked a little forced. (19, 37) Chelsea & Mark were better this week in their dance; it was supposed to be a jive, but there wasn't much "jive" to it. (18, 39) Chris & Cheryl lightened up a lot on the quickstep; he was fun to watch, even if they seemed to run out of space in the corner at one point. (23, 42)

Petra & Dmitry turned in a jive in which her long legs kinda got in the way; it was decent, but not great. (18, 36) Kirstie & Maks gave us a bouncy quickstep that was in the groove; some slight goofs, but they didn't detract much. (20, 43) Mike & Lacey had some good stretches in their jive...but not many. (17, 30) And a cute intro to Romeo & Chelsie's quickstep led to a good dance that he had fun with; his posture was the only real negative. (23, 42)

Wendy & Tony made a great comeback with their quickstep; the footwork was good and it got cheeky in spots, but she did lose steam in the middle. (17, 31) Ralph & Karina showed plenty of character in the jive; he has lots of talent, but seemed a bit frenzied in spots. (21, 45) Hines & Kym finished with a smooth, enthusiastic quickstep; his footwork was good but a teensy bit off from time to time. (23, 44)

Again, Ralph & Karina were the high scorers, and Mike & Lacey were the low scorers. One of them will go home tomorrow night!

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Icon 1 posted March 29, 2011 13:46            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
In Week 2's results show, we got to meet the new DWTS Dance Troupe: Peta, Tristan, Ted, Nicole, Oksana, and Kiki. Think of them as the New Mutants to Our Pros' X-Men. They're good, too.

Plus we got two dance music performances by Chris Brown.

And the first eliminated: Mike & Lacey. You know what? Good riddance.

Stay tuned for next week!

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Icon 1 posted April 04, 2011 15:39            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
For Week 3, the celebs had to tell a personal story with their dance. We got the Troupe to show us how it's done first.

Wendy & Tony did a foxtrot focusing on her early days as a DJ; it got a little cheeky in the intro, but seemed slow, more like an exhibition than a dance. (15). Chelsea & Mark's cha-cha-cha was set to a song that was written for her; she stuck to traditional moves this time, and was definitely high on enthusiasm! (23) Chris & Cheryl used the song "Let It Be" for his late mother; he did have some great moves, and was pretty fluid if not completely so. (21) Kendra & Louis did a rumba about her relationship with her husband; the smoke-machine intro might have been "too much messin' about," and she nearly tripped, but the whole dance was better. Her face still looked pensive, though. (23)

Romeo & Chelsie did a rumba dedicated to two of Romeo's dead cousins; it was a little skippy in parts, and his feet need work, but it still came off well. (20) Hines & Kym used a favorite song of his mother's for their samba; the nice intro moves led to some SERIOUS swivel-hipped action and enthusiasm! (25) Petra & Dmitry did a waltz dedicated to the victims of the Southeast Asian tsunami; it was utterly effortless and beautiful. (25)

Sugar Ray & Anna used the song he used for his comeback fight, complete with the announcer saying "Let's get ready to RUMBLE--er--PASO!" The paso doble certainly had an aggressive look, but not the aggressive moves I expected; where were the foot stomps? (20) Kirstie & Maks started their rumba--and horrors! Maks got a cramp in his thigh and went down! They recovered nicely, though, the song "Over the Rainbow" adding some island flavor. (21) Ralph & Karina did a rumba dedicated to his wife to round it out; I hought maybe he was a bit too grandiose in parts, and certainly needed more hip action. (21)

Hines & Kym and Petra & Dmitry top the leaderboard this week, while Wendy & Tony are "tail-end Charlene." Tomorrow night: another elimination and the first set of Erbo's Power Rankings!

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Icon 1 posted April 05, 2011 15:57            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
The guest performers tonight were OneRepublic (two numbers, one accompanied by Lacey & Mark, the other by the Troupe) and Selena Gomez, who sang to accompany Mark & Chelsie.

This week, Hines & Kym got the Judges' Encore. And going home this week: Wendy & Tony. It was kind of inevitable at this point.

Next week: Classical Night! And now, the first edition of Erbo's DWTS Season 12 POWER RANKINGS!

THE TOP TIER - I expect this group to be in contention right up to the awarding of the Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy.

Hines & Kym (average 23.0, trending up) - Who woulda thunk it? The guy is light on his feet and sure seems to enjoy himself! The most serious contender of the lot.

Ralph & Karina (average 22.0, trending mildly down) - Started strong, but then flagged a bit. But he's a great performer, and could easily bounce back.

Kirstie & Maks (average 21.3, trending steady) - A clear crowd favorite, and Kirstie certainly has some moves on her. Hope Maks stays healthy!

UP AND COMING - These performers are still in the fight, and could vault into the top tier with some good work.

Chelsea & Mark (average 20.6, trending up) - Recovered nicely from Mark's over-ambitious choreography in Week 2, and her youthful energy could still send her far.

Chris & Cheryl (average 21.0, trending steady) - As big a surprise as Hines; the guy has some serious moves! Cheryl really has done wonders with him.

Petra & Dmitry (average 20.3, trending up) - One of the top scorers this week, she can be really beautiful in ballroom, but I think Latin dances may give her some trouble.

Romeo & Chelsie (average 20.6, trending down) - He has already outdone his father, that's for sure! Still, his moves need polishing if he's to avoid an early exit.

ALSO RAN - The group most likely to contain the next couple eliminated.

Kendra & Louis (average 20.0, trending up) - Showing improvement, and, as long as she can stay away from the smoke machine, she may get by for awhile.

Sugar Ray & Anna (average 18.0, trending up) - I like his enthusiasm, but I don't know how long enthusiasm alone can carry him. Sabrina thinks he may be the next to go.

Judging from the trends, I'd say we've now eliminated all the "deadwood" and have entered the "squeeze play" phase of the competition, where the merely "good" couples start getting squeezed out each week. A strong field indeed! It'll be interesting to see what happens.

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Icon 1 posted April 11, 2011 15:24            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
This is Classical Week at DWTS, complete with an expanded orchestra and a couple of guest artists! We got a couple of demos from the New Mutants (Oksana and Kiki on paso doble, Peta and Tristan with the waltz), and here's the action!

Romeo & Chelsie started off with a paso doble, and Romeo was NOTHING like his low-scoring father; his power was evident, even if he seemed a little out of control in spots. (23) Kendra & Louis didn't hit the mark with their Viennese waltz; she seemed frightened at first, but smoothed out near the end. (18) Sugar Ray & Anna also did a Viennese waltz, which was much better than that; the routine was marked by great characterization and enthusiasm. (21)

Petra & Dmitry showed power early in their paso...she kept up well and made it very dramatic, if a little brittle. (23) Ralph & Karina came out with a beautiful waltz, with great storytelling and improved hands...I think I got something in my eye. (25) By contrast, Hines & Kym came out FULL BORE in the paso, with the perfect character for that dance. (25)

Chelsea & Mark took some chances with the choreography in their Viennese waltz, but, this time, the fundamentals helped carry them, and how! (26) Chris & Cheryl launched into a paso that might have lacked some of the needed foot action, but was strong and led to a dramatic freeze-frame finish. (23) Kirstie & Maks seem to be plagued with mishaps; in mid-waltz, Kirstie's shoe came off! But they recovered well--again!--and finished great! (22)

Chelsea and Mark make their first appearance in the lead, while Kendra and Louis bring up the rear. Tomorrow night...one more goes down!

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Icon 1 posted April 12, 2011 00:17      Profile for Callipygous     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Hello Erbo! Just popped in in case you are feeling lonely in this thread all by yourself [Smile]

Are you a dancer, or do you have two left feet like me?

Here have a piece of cake


"Knowledge is Power. France is Bacon" - Milton

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Icon 1 posted April 12, 2011 15:02            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Wow! Cake! And it's not a lie! [Big Grin] No, I don't dance, though Sabrina and I have developed almost as good an eye for judging the dances as Len, Bruno, and Carrie-Ann themselves...

Tonight's results show featured ace violinist David Garrett playing his version of "Walk This Way" to the Troupe, Jennifer Hudson with two numbers, and a Macy's Stars of Dance performance of Swan Lake featuring the principal dancers of three leading ballet companies. Good way to round out Classical Week!

Chelsea & Mark got the encore for the week...and, sadly, Sugar Ray & Anna were given the send-off. I thought for sure Kendra would be booted...

Next week's theme warms my heart: A Celebration of America! This should be good!

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Icon 1 posted April 17, 2011 02:08      Profile for Rhonwyyn   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Hey, Erbo. Just popping in to share a link with you and commend you for being so even-handed in your reviews. I don't follow DWTS, but I've enjoyed reading your reviews in the past, so after reading that blog post, I was really curious to hear how you handled the incident. Thank you for being so classy! [Applause]

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Icon 1 posted April 18, 2011 15:02            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Rhonwyyn, I will say that, after Maks' cramp causing the fall two weeks ago, and then Kirstie losing a shoe last week, that the true measure of a performer is how well they recover from mishaps like that...and by those standards, Kirstie is a real trouper. In fact, they both are. Thankfully, though, no mishaps for them this week!

It was American Week this week, with dances all set to tributes to the great U.S. of A.! Of course, some of those dances were Latin dances like the rumba and samba...but still with that American spirit!

Ralph & Karina led off with a Southern-fried samba ("Sweet Home Alabama"), which featured some Texas two-step in there, and some very snappy moves...and he DOES look an awful lot like a cowboy. (22) Chris & Cheryl classed it up with a Viennese waltz ("America The Beautiful"), where he extended his lines well and performed great throughout, though he might have bobbled the footwork a bit at the end. (26). Petra & Dmitry rolled the dice on a quickstep ("Viva Las Vegas"); her long legs, though, have so much natural bounce to them that it may have messed up her steps. (22). Romeo & Chelsie did a very classic foxtrot ("New York, New York") that Ol' Blue Eyes would have been proud of. (26)

I could not take my eyes off Hines' & Kym's rumba ("God Bless The USA"); I thought for sure Carrie-Ann would ding him for the lift at the end, but she never mentioned it! (27) Kirstie & Maks threw a LOT of sex appeal into their foxtrot ("American Woman"); it was a very spicy performance, but a tad unconventional for a fox. (23) Kendra & Louis showed off in fine style for their foxtrot ("Yankee Doodle Dandy"), which entertained, and she seems to have lost some of her nerves, but they took half the song to get into hold. (22) (This was the 1000th competitive dance on the series, incidentally.) Chelsea & Mark played it straight this time for their samba ("Party In The USA"), and it came out much better, with good hip action and precise execution. (26)

Hines & Kym lead the pack tonight, while there is a 3-way tie for last: Ralph & Karina, Petra & Dmitry, and Kendra & Louis. Tomorrow night, one more of the couples takes one for the team!

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Icon 1 posted April 19, 2011 15:05            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Rhonwyyn, I passed the link to that blog site along to both the Facebook page for DWTS and to "Annie Barrett's DANCMSTRs" group, also on Facebook. Many thanks for a site that shows everyone that someone doesn't have to look like Our Skinny-Mini Pros to be a good dancer, and even a competitive dancer!

Getting the all-American encore this week were Romeo & Chelsie with their Big Apple foxtrot! Toby Keith showed up early on to sing "Should've Been a Cowboy" to accompany Maks, Lacey, and the Dance Troupe...and Maks accidentally caught his leg on Lacey's shoulder executing a complicated spin move! See, Kirstie? Even the pros hit glitches once in a while! He returned later to sing his hit "American Soldier" to accompany Pro Couple Jonathan and Anna. (I guess "Courtesy of The Red, White, and Blue (The Angry American)" would've been too much to expect ABC/Disney to put up with, especially that line "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American way!") And Macy's Stars of Dance put on an excellent urban hip-hop tribute to the American Dream, featuring the song "Tightrope."

And the couple out this week: Petra & Dmitry. She's a sweetie, but it's just that someone has to get squeezed out this week! Next week is "Guilty Pleasures" week. WTF does that mean? We'll find out, I guess!

Meantime, here are the latest editions of Erbo's DWTS POWER RANKINGS!

. . .

THE TOP TIER - 50% likely the Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy will be won by one of these three.

Hines & Kym (average 24.2, trending up) - This guy just keeps finding ways to get better! 30% likely to receive the first Perfect Thirty this season.

Chelsea & Mark (average 22.8, trending mildly up) - Mark needs to keep a rein on the choreography and stick close to the original dance style. When he does...look out, top of leaderboard!

Chris & Cheryl (average 22.4, trending up) - Another surprise, this guy has been on an absolute TEAR recently. He is one hell of a performer!

IN THE HUNT - These couples could make a bid for the Top Tier at any time...or they could slip away.

Romeo & Chelsie (average 22.2, trending up) - The breakout star of the middle of the pack; let him learn refinement in addition to the sex appeal, and he's destined for greatness!

Ralph & Karina (average 22.6, trending mildly down) - An early leader, Ralph has been flagging recently. Yet he's likable, and a hard fighter; he's not done yet.

Kirstie & Maks (average 21.8, trending mildly up) - The "Timex Couple"; they take a licking and keep on ticking! Still, they need a big push to keep in this competition.

HANGING ON - These couples are in danger of falling by the wayside soon.

Kendra & Louis (average 20.0, trending steady but variable) - Kendra dodged a bullet this week, IMHO. She's improved, but lags the rest of the pack significantly, and, on top of that, she seems to have a real attitude problem. 40% likely she is knocked out in Week 6.

See you next week!

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Icon 1 posted April 25, 2011 14:46            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
It is Guilty Pleasures Week, featuring the songs you hate to admit you love, on DWTS! And we started the evening off with none other than Hanson, playing their hit "MMMbop" to accompany Tony, Lacey, and the Troupe! Hanson also did a number of short covers as "return from commercial break" bumpers throughout the night.

Kirstie and Maks, any thought of a jinx all gone, started with a samba ("Baby One More Time"); it was a smooth, polished routine that proved that Kirstie can really shake it! (26). Chris and Cheryl went with a tango ("Don't Stop Believin'"), but it looked like he stopped believin'; despite his commanding presence, he messed up the footwork and timing, and seemed stiff. (22) Romeo & Chelsie did a waltz ("My Heart Will Go On"), and all I have in my notes for it are "Oh wow. Wonderful." Carrie-Ann called it "magic." (28--including the first "10" paddle of the season!) Chelsea and Mark followed it with a bright and bouncy quickstep ("Walkin' on Sunshine") that saw a couple of minor goofs, but was really very good. (28)

Kendra and Louis did a samba themselves ("Livin' La Vida Loca") that proved she could really work it as well; though she slipped a bit, she made up for it by showing off atop the judges' desk. (25) Hines and Kym took a turn at the Viennese waltz ("End of the Road") that was quite cute; he got a tad hesitant in the dance, though. (27). Ralph and Karina topped it off with a paso doble ("Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)") that, while showy and strong, seemed a little too "un-paso-like" in spots..and Karina fell, but Ralph stayed in control and got her back up and into the routine. (24)

Romeo & Chelsie tied with Chelsea & Mark for the lead this week, while Chris & Cheryl played "tail-end Charlie." Tomorrow night: two hours of DWTS goodness, and the field narrows to six!

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Icon 1 posted April 26, 2011 15:15            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Tonight, we got a 2-hour dose of DWTS, so, among other things, we could get extended analyses of each couple's best dance. We also got Hanson's new single "Give A Little" (to accompany The Troupe), a performance by the cast of the musical Rock Of Ages (coming to Denver in June, apparently!), a Macy's Stars of Dance "love story" number to "Stand By Me" inspired by the upcoming Royal Wedding, and American Idol castoff Pia Toscano warbling "I'll Stand By You" as Mark and Karina danced. The ultimate guilty pleasure, though, was...NKOTBSB, New Kids On The Block/Backstreet Boys, doing both their new hit "Don't Turn Out The Lights" (accompanied by Lacey, Tony, and The Troupe) and a medley of "Step By Step" and "I Want It That Way" (Peta and Anna assisting).

Kendra got a chance to shake her booty atop the judges' desk again, as she and Louis got the encore for the week. And the couple knocked out was...Chris and Cheryl. Chris, for his part, looked forward to seeing his kids again. He's a hell of a guy, he is.

Next week...we start Double Dances and we have a guest judge!

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Icon 1 posted May 02, 2011 15:37            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
This week, it's Ballroom Greats week, with special guest judge, 16-time wold Latin champion Donnie Burns! (That means that all the scores are out of 40 points this week, not 30 as usual.)


Team Chelsea (Chelsea & Mark, Ralph & Karina, Romeo & Chelsie) led off with a nice formation, then Romeo got sassy in his solo, Ralph proved he got game, and Chelsea executed wonderfuly on the anchor leg. The finish was terrific; Bruno thought they were a little out of sync, but Carrie-Ann disagreed. (30)

And Team Hines (Hines & Kym, Kirstie & Maks, Kendra & Louis) showed off some nice sequential moves in their intro! Kendra had the shakes down pat, Kirstie knows how to jazz it up, and Hines was enthusiastic and precise in his solo. The finish gave Sabrina body chills! Donnie, however, criticized the spacing between the dancers. (30)


At the start and midpoint of this round, we got exhibitions from some REAL pro dancers! And, for training purposes, all couples got advice from one of two super-pros: Luca Baricchi or Shirley Ballas.

Chelsea & Mark's paso doble had great synchronized side-by-side work at the start, but seemed to lose the footwork--and the serious nature of the dance--in a couple of spots. The ending was fab, though! (34) Kendra & Louis got a nice takeoff on their tango, with excellent footwork but maybe a bit off-balance in the dip. They finished strong, though. (31) The jive done by Kirstie & Maks started slow but got cheeky quickly! It had lots of energy, but she seemed to kind of poop out near the end. Technically it may not have been that good, but as a performance, it was stunning. (30)

Ralph & Karina opened up cute in their quickstep, and it led to some smooth traverses of the floor. It seemed a bit slow, but the characterization was just great. (36) Hines & Kym's tango started off COMMANDING, launching into precision turns with impeccable footwork. A champion performance! (36) Romeo & Chelsie, in turn, started off well in their samba, but it seemed maybe too slow and not samba-like enough. He can sure shake it, though! (30)

Ralph & Karina return to the top of the leaderboard, tied with Hines & Kym. At the other end are Romeo & Chelsie and Kirstie & Maks. Tomorrow, though, we have to cull the field to five...

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Tonight, after an hour's worth of reviews of last night's performances, we launched into the elimination. This week's encore was Team Chelsea's cha-cha. We then got to see Nicki Minaj, performing her song "Moment 4 Life" to accompany Pros Chelsie and Lacey, Troupe member Kiki, and Spare Pro Sonny.

The highlight performance of the show was Patricia Zhou, young dancer with the Royal Ballet Company, dancing to the solo voice and acoustic guitar of Priscilla Ahn and "Dream." Sabrina got something in her eye. [Big Grin]

Also performing tonight, as part of the Macy's Stars of Dance, was Wayne Brady doing a tribute to James Brown. And James Blunt sang "I'll Be Your Man" to accompany Maks' brother Val and his partner Dasha.

Eliminated tonight: Kendra and Louis. They were quite gracious about it, and Kendra said she "lasted seven weeks longer than I thought I would."

Now, after this elimination, it's time for Erbo's DWTS Week 7 POWER RANKINGS!

1. Hines & Kym (average 24.8, trending steady) - The “Silent Assassin” is still the man to beat, though he has yet to crack the Perfect Thirty. 75% likely to make the finals.

2. Chelsea & Mark (average 23.8, trending mildly up) - Recovered nicely from the early goofs because of Mark’s wack choreography; Chelsea’s carried them there on sheer talent, but Mark still has to keep it more traditional. 50% likely to make the finals.

3. Romeo & Chelsie (average 23.0, trending mildly up) - Having long since erased the memory of his father’s “performance,” Romeo is holding his own, and has established himself as a great contender. 30% likely to make the finals.

4. Ralph & Karina (average 23.1, trending up & variable) - I was afraid Ralph had peaked early, but he’s starting to dig out of the slump. He may just be able to squeak past Romeo. 30% likely to make the finals.

5. Kirstie & Maks (average 22.4, trending mildly up) - Kirstie has held on gamely, but escaped this week’s elimination by a gnat’s whisker; I think she may have topped out. 10% likely to make the finals.

Next week: The return of the INSTANT DANCE!

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Here we go with the quarterfinals! Five couples left, three weeks left! Here goes!


Chelsea & Mark essayed a more traditional waltz this time; it was lovely and expressive. (29) Hines & Kym told the story of a marriage proposal with their foxtrot; it was lighthearted and featured a nice pivot move off a bench that reminded the judges of movies. (28) Romeo took the lead in a big way in the tango he did with Chelsie; the dance was dark, intense, and full of drama. (27) Ralph was actually hurt tonight and it wasn't certain he'd be able to perform; he and Karina did dance the Viennese waltz very well, though, in a dark, passionate, vaguely vampiric style. (25) Kirstie & Maks finished the round with an Argentine tango that was smokin'! She was glued to the beat; it was easily her best routine yet. (28)


This is the round where the couples prepare a dance, but don't get the actual music until 20 minutes before performance time! It's more like a real dance competition, and, as we saw in Season 11, it can make or break the performers!

Chelsea & Mark did a quick yet fun salsa, for which their plan seemed to have been "shake it," and it worked! (26) It looked like Hines & Kym were struggling a bit with the jive, and his kicks were a bit flat-footed, but he sold the living hell out of it. (26) Maybe Romeo wasn't moving as much as he could have in the salsa with Chelsie, but his hip action was noteworthy and he pulled it off well. (25) Hampered by an inability to rehearse, Ralph & Karina's cha-cha-cha wasn't up to snuff, though I give him mad props for trying. (21) Kirstie & Maks' salsa was more traditional and rhythmic in nature; the routine really flowed nicely, and she was workin' it! (25)

Chelsea and Mark get the lead this week, while Ralph and Karina bring up the rear. Tomorrow night, the field gets shorter again...

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Icon 1 posted May 10, 2011 15:17            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Kirstie and Maks got the encore this week with their Argentine tango, a fact that had Sabrina cheering!

Tonight, after a 1-hour retrospective of great results show performances, we got several more. One featured Michael ("That was the worst jive I have ever seen in 11 seasons!") Bolton singing "I'm Not Ready" with Aussie star Delta Goodrem, to accompany Dmitry and Anna. Big star Adele sang "Rolling In The Deep" as some Spare Pros danced...and she was supposed to sing "Natural Woman" for Cheryl & Louis, too, but her voice was kinda not up to it, so Goodrem stepped in on an hour's rehearsal.

We also got the usual DanceCenter crap we often get at this point in the season, featuring Kenny Mayne, Jerry Rice, and Len. And three boys who are avid dancers and lost their dad to a stroke hit the floor. Sabrina complained of all the pollen in the air, if you know what I mean.

And the couple that went home this week was...shocker! Romeo and Chelsie! Everyone in the ballroom stood up in tribute to him as he waxed philosophical about the whole thing.

Next week: Two individual routines, plus a 15-point winner-take-all cha-cha challenge! This is one rough season!

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Icon 1 posted May 16, 2011 16:02            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
This is the semifinals! Four couples left, and we have THREE rounds tonight!


Ralph & Karina led off their Argentine tango with a seductive bit around a lamppost; he sure wasn't dancing like a man who was just last week suffering from a crippling leg injury! (25) I saw the emotional connection between Kirstie and Maks in their Viennese waltz; it was positively dazzling. (27) Chelsea & Mark did a very mature Argentine tango; she really has the character and intensity nailed, but maybe her footing was a bit awkward? (28) And Hines & Kym had a mishap in practice; Hines fell on Kym when they were trying a lift and she injured her neck! But that didn't stop them from doing a slinky Argentine tango that was everything an Argentine tango should be. (PERFECT THIRTY!!! First of the season!)


What the hell was that opening to Ralph & Karina's salsa? He was pretty precise in his moves, and he can shake his ass with the best of them, but it left me a little flat. (23) Kirstie & Maks threw a gutsy solo by Kirstie into the beginning of their paso doble, in which she came out as intense as anything I've ever seen. (27) Chelsie & Mark came out with a perfectly executed rumba; this ain't no little girl anymore! It didn't give Sabrina body chills, though. (PERFECT THIRTY!!! Second of the season; first for Chelsie!) Hines & Kym countered with a spirited and fun salsa that had nothing wrong with its execution at all! (PERFECT THIRTY!!! Third of the season; second for Hines!)


This is a new thing! What they're doing is, they set the couples up in a tournament bracket; the 1st and 4th-place couples (in Rounds 1 and 2) face off, followed by the 2nd and 3rd-place couples. Then the two victors compete, in a super instant dance; the victors get 15 bonus judges' points!

First up: Hines & Kym vs. Ralph & Karina...and it's pretty clear that Ralph is overmatched; Hines is just too good for him. Winner: Hines & Kym.

Now on the floor: Chelsea & Mark vs. Kirstie & Maks. Chelsea comes out with a real statement; Kirstie starts slowly, but then eases into it smoothly. It's a tough choice here, but the judges have to declare the winner: Chelsea & Mark.

Finally, Hines & Kym take on Chelsie & Mark. (This is definitely live TV: Brooke botched the coin toss!) Hines did great as usual, but his sync in the turns was a teeny bit off...Chelsea was strong as always, but Mark may have misstepped...but, in the end, the winners are Chelsea & Mark.

The bonus points propel Chelsea & Mark to the top of the leader board; Ralph & Karina bring up the rear. Tomorrow night, we find out which three couples make the finals!

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Tonight started out with a 1-hour retrospective on the freestyle dance, featuring "walkthroughs" on some famous freestyles by the celebrities that danced them, and Drew Lachey and Cheryl Burke reprising their Season 2 freestyle to "Save A Horse, Ride A Cowboy." Then the judges' encore this week was Chelsea & Mark's rumba.

Stevie Nicks, in her 60's but still going strong, sang a song from her new album, "Secret Love," to accompany Anna, Dmitry, Peta, and Damian, and later, an old Fleetwood Mac classic, "Landslide," accompanying Cheryl and Tony. We also got a performance of the song "Give Me Everything," by Pitbull, featuring Ne-Yo and Nayer. Sabrina's gonna have me checking Amazon for that track.

We also got the story of young Tayla Kelley, a 13-year-old girl who dances to help her cope with the rest of her life--including her immunodeficiency disorder. She gets to dance with Lacey and Chelsie, and gets a standing O from the entire ballroom. And I think something got caught in my contact lenses...

And the last couple eliminated before the finals: Ralph & Karina. Ralph, of course, was gracious to everyone as he departed the show. But he'll be back next week...as will the rest of the knocked-out contestants, for one last exhibition...as the three remaining couples compete for The Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy!

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season 12? did they really start this in 2000? OR do they have two or three seasons a year like Top gear?
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Two seasons a year. It started in 2005.

Worst. Celibate. Ever.

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(GrumpySteen, you're absolutely right. They run one season in the fall, another in the spring. Season 13 will debut in September 2011.)

And now, the week you've all been waiting for...the FINALS! One last chance for our three celebrities--Chelsea the Disney kid, Kirstie the veteran entertainer, and Hines the football hero--to compete for judges' scores and viewer votes, before one of them emerges with the famous Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy!

Tonight, as the dancing expands to TWO nights, we expand to FULL coverage of the action! So let's get to it!


In this round, the judges choose a dance for each couple that they believe will show off their best advantages and progress...and each couple gets one of the judges to help them out in the rehearsals!

First up: Chelsea and Mark, and Carrie-Ann arrives in the studio to help Chelsea with her samba, in which she wanted to see "less perky, more sensuality!" And boy, did she wiggle those hips as the band struck up "Hip Hip Chin Chin"; this was the first dance Chelsea's done all season that gave Sabrina body chills! Chelsea might have messed up a teeny bit near the end, but you'd hardly notice! Len might've, though; he wasn't keen on the flying arms. "You were like an ultra sexy bombshell!" crowed Bruno, who praised the way the rhythm flowed through her body. (Want to sing someone's praises the Bruno Tonioli way? There's an app for that.) Carrie-Ann pronounced it "hot, hot, hot!" and admired how she got down, dirty, and sensual.
Scores: CAI 10, LG 9, BT 10, Total 29

Kirstie and Maks also were selected to do a samba, and Our Lady of Perpetual Metaphor himself, Bruno, stepped in to offer her some pointers. She needs to let some of her lines flow a bit more, basically, and, above all, to show off! Her samba was a bit slower than Chelsea's, but I thought it showed her sensuality to best advantage, and it featured lots of turns to show off the fringe on that costume! To me, the ending seemed a little "ahead" of the music. "Softly sensual and sexy!" crowed Bruno, who still pointed out that she spent too much time looking at the floor. Carrie-Ann thought her feet seemed a teeny bit off in parts, but thought it was a great dance. Len noted that this dance was less aggressive, but felt more natural as a result, and certainly deserved to be in the finals.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

Hines and Kym's "picked" dance was the quickstep, and Len arrived in his limo with the "DANCMSTR" license plates, carrying a Steelers Terrible Towel, to help sharpen up his feet! (Kym was wearing a neck brace in rehearsals; she must be more badly injured than she'd like to let on!) They put on a show to "Puttin' On The Ritz" (an old classic which most of you may know from Taco's 80's version), and it just floated on air throughout. Hines always has fun with his dancing, and fun it was, as well as a spectacular dance. Carrie-Ann noted that he'd upped the "Twinkletoes" ante, and "You make the dance feel like you're running for a touchdown, the way you draw the audience into it!" Ol' Grumpy, despite having good things to say, felt that it wasn't there YET (boos from audience!) and that the competition was still anyone's to win or lose. "It was like watching a mega-production on Broadway!" said Bruno to get the crowd behind him, who praised the glitz and entertainment value. "You connect with the audience like no one else!"
Scores: CAI 10, LG 9, BT 10, Total 29

Round Two...coming next post!

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And here it is...the dance that can make or break a champion. No holds barred, no lifts barred, no rules, just get on out and dance your fanny off!

Mark wanted to include some fresh, edgy choreography in his and Chelsea's freestyle, but it kind of scared Chelsea a bit. When they started, though, it was nothing but confidence, opening with some hip-hop inspired Latin moves before segueing into a bit of more classic ballroom. Then...BLACKOUT! The stage lights mostly cut as little flashing lights on Mark's and Chelsea's hands and shoes started blinking patterns as they continued to dance! (Chelsea's battery pack got disconnected halfway through that part, though, so it wasn't the show it could have been.) Sabrina wasn't too fond of this number...but the judges had other ideas. Len praised the entertainment value and the way it showcased her talent, saying it was full-on, with lots of attack. "ELECTRIFYING!" crowed You-Know-Who. "You looked like you were plugged into the national grid!" He liked how they pushed the limit with their creative, imaginative interpretation. So, how do you top that assessment? Well, if you're Carrie-Ann, you dance around and yodel incoherently. I am not making this up.
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Fourth of the season; second for Chelsea and Mark!)

Yes, Maks is planning to lift Kirstie in their freestyle routine; it's kinda expected. And Kirstie adds, "It better be spectacular!" The opening of it, to "Perfect," was very sweet and tender, then it got exciting, then it got downright athletic with Kirstie turning cartwheels and Maks spinning her all over the place. And Kirstie did all that barefoot! The audience loved it! Bruno would never have thought, ten weeks ago, that they'd be doing all those lifts in a freestyle. "Respect, girl, respect!" he said. Carrie-Ann thought some of the lifts were a bit "alley-oop," but said, "You have become the new poster child for life at 60!" Len quipped, "You gotta risk it if you want the biscuit," and commended Kirstie on a great effort.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

Hines and Kym have a radical idea...they're going to make their freestyle the halftime show that Hines never gets to see because he's in the locker room then! With Hines as a drum major, and Kym as a cheerleader (in Steelers black and gold, natch), they did the freestyle to a song from "Drumline," and an actual drumline on the stage! (Took Sabrina back to her days in the Arkadelphia High School marching band...) The dance featured lots of nice quickstep-like moves, and enough excitement to stand in for any Super Bowl halftime show! (And no "wardrobe malfunctions"!) "That wasn't just a halftime show," said Carrie-Ann, "THAT WAS THE WHOLE DAMN SUPER BOWL!" She called the lifts "insane." (All the more so because of Kym's condition!) "You have to give your best to get the points," said Len, "and you just gave your ALL!" Bruno exclaimed, "You pulled out all the stops! It was a crowd-pleasing event!" Anyone else smell high score?
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Fifth of the season, and third for Hines and Kym!)

After two rounds, Hines and Chelsea are tied for the lead at 59 points each, while Kirstie has 54. But there's still one more round tomorrow night to figure into the final judges' tally...and the viewer vote still counts for 50% of the final result! Tune in tomorrow, folks, 'cos it's gonna be a fight to the finish!

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You know the names: Kelly Monaco. Drew Lachey. Emmitt Smith. Apolo Anton Ohno. Helio Castroneves. Kristi Yamaguchi. Brooke Burke. Shawn Johnson. Donny Osmond. Nicole Scherzinger. Jennifer Grey. Tonight, a new name will join the pantheon. Who will it be?

Before that, we lead off the night with a big dance number by ALL the pros, plus the Troupe, plus all the eliminated stars! Then, the Black-Eyed Peas did their new number "Don't Stop The Party." Looks like some influence from Daft Punk in their routine...or maybe from Chelsea and Mark's freestyle?

Some of the eliminated celebrities came back to dance once more. Mike Catherwood "auditioned" for the Troupe...and wound up coming out dancing with them, as well as Lacey! Petra and Dmitry reprised their waltz to Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up"...and Josh Groban himself sang it! He flew in just to surprise Petra! Kendra and Louis redid the "Livin' La Vida Loca" samba, with a few more guy pros to accompany Kendra! (Good thing too...she nearly slipped and fell in the dip off the judges' table at the end!)

Chris, Cheryl, Sugar Ray, and Anna redid their dances in a "let's get ready to rumble" face-off...and Chris revealed that he does a stunning Bruno impression! Wendy Williams, not all that good at dancing, interviewed...herself, and Tony, instead! In the Macy's Design-A-Dance routine, Maks, Lacey, Cheryl, and Chelsea jived it to The Go-Gos' "We Got The Beat"...performed live by the band, including front woman and Season 8 contestant Belinda Carlisle! And Ralph and Karina redid their quickstep routine...and Ralph threw in a little softshoe solo that wasn't in the original!

But for the three finalists...the competition is NOT YET OVER...

(...don't you hate it when they say CONTINUED...)

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For the last round, the finalists pick their favorite dance of the season to do over again! Their judges' scores here will be combined with those from Round 1 and Round 2, and will form 50% of the final score, with viewer votes counting for the other 50%.

Chelsea and Mark knew exactly which one they wanted to do..."Wizard Waltz!" They were even rehearsing at midnight last night...their last rehearsal, which sparked tears from Chelsea. It's obvious her Viennese waltz technique has improved; she has the frame down, and the dance was so much more polished than before. "You are a fantastic dancer!" said Len. "Bellissima, bravissima!" cooed Bruno, calling her "a great performer" and "a real, real star!" Carrie-Ann said that, if people didn't know her before, they'll know her now because of performances like this. Hmm...would that mean thirty points for Gryffindor, if you know what I mean?
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Sixth of the season, third for Chelsea and Mark!)

Kirstie and Maks opted to repeat the cha-cha-cha, to "Forget You," from Week 1. "It was our first date!" says Kirstie. This time, though, she's not collapsing of exhaustion in rehearsals! The dance itself was gorgeous; Kirstie was easily able to keep up with Maks now, and proved she's come a long way. "You cheeky girl, you saved the best for last!" said Bruno, calling it "a 100% proof cocktail of effervescent, flamboyant fun!" "I salute you, I love you!" said Carrie-Ann, who saw authenticity, transformation, and a little magic in that dance. The last word here goes to Len, though: "Tonight, you have produced your best dance!"
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Seventh of the season, and Kirstie and Maks finally get one!)

Closing out the competition, Hines and Kym bring back the "Fantasy" samba. Hines is doing this for his mom...and, in response to Kym's comment about straightening his legs, yanked off his sweats so she could get a better view! After all that...well, the only thing I could say about that dance is, it was 100% made of AWESOME. "Listen to that crowd!" said Carrie-Ann, drowned out by the cheers of said crowd. "I am so impressed with you!" Len remarked on how Hines brought every dance to life. Bruno, bubbly to the last, called him "a charming dazzler" and "Mr. Irresistible," and said, "We all fall in love with you!"
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Eighth of the season; fourth for Hines and Kym!)

With the competition over, while the ABC supercomputers calculate the final results, Season 3 favorite contestant Sara Evans came out to sing "A Little Bit Stronger." No dancing to this one, just clips of the three finalists.

And now...the moment we've all been waiting for...

Third place goes to...Chelsea and Mark! (Surprise; I thought Kirstie would finish third!)

And at last...

Your Season 12 champions of Dancing With The Stars...




Fireworks erupt as the NFL takes its second championship!

Kirstie and Maks, for their part, were happy with second place; Maks thanked the show for giving him "ten beautiful trophies" in the form of his partners over Seasons 2 through 11. Meanwhile...Hines Ward may not have a Super Bowl ring, but, unlike the Green Bay Packers, he gets to stand in the ballroom and hoist THE CHEESY DISCO BALL TROPHY!!! And that's an honor neither he nor his mother will soon forget.

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