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Author Topic: Dancing With The Stars - Season 8, Week 7

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Okay...now that Steve-O has finally made his exit, the competition is stepping up...and today we have a group dance, in addition to individual dances! The stars also got to help design their pro partners' costumes this week, leading to, in some cases, substantially more fabric covering their bodies! [Big Grin] Time to see what's what this week!

Bruno wants Melissa and Tony to be "more aggressive," and they have a perfect weapon for that...the Argentine tango! To help Melissa pick up that "maneater" vibe, the two of them head for--CROSS-PROMOTION ALERT!--Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane, where Teri Hatcher gives Melissa a few pointers. She attacked the dance, to "Mi Confesion," with very precise steps and leg movements, though I'm thinking Tony may be kind of "carrying" her again. Overall, though: RRRROWR! Len noted the fantastic, intricate steps, the beautiful lifts, and the "don't touch what you can't afford" interaction, but he did catch a teensy blunder. "The revenge of the maneater!" crowed Bruno. "I need a drink!" Carrie-Ann called it the best Argentine tango of the competition by far, and crowned them "The King and Queen of Legal Lifts."
Scores: CAI 10, LG 9, BT 10, Total 29

Scoring a personal best with the jive last week, Lawrence and Edyta had fun with it...but Lawrence had to sacrifice some rehearsal time this week for a charity golf event in Miami! Edyta came along, and attempting to hit a few golf balls gave her some idea of what it's like for Lawrence learning how to dance! For the waltz, though, he has to be graceful and elegant, not clumsy and heavy..."I have to get my SMOOTH on!" he says. "Open Arms" was the music, and Lawrence turned in a competent waltz to it, I think...part of it looked like he was being protective of Edyta, and he made it look believable. Bruno praised the romance, but noted he was still clumsy in the turns and lost balance...it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't brilliant, either. Carrie-Ann saw more freedom in his movements, along with grace and tenderness. She also thought he was a great dress designer. Len noted one segment where there was a goof with a flowing part of Edyta's dress that messed things up, but said, "I was shocked at how well you performed!"
Scores: CAI 7, LG 7, BT 7, Total 21

Lil'Kim and Derek did a great job pleasing Bruno and Carrie-Ann last week; now they want to please Len as well! Derek, especially, is hard on himself with the choreography, trying to tone down Kim's sexiness. Their rumba, to "Lost Without U," proved, though, that Kim can't switch it off entirely! A spin-and-dip move they did looked tough to pull off, but I thought they looked a teeny bit shaky in an arabesque near the end. But I liked it. Carrie-Ann, though, called it "understated...and underwhelming," and felt she shouldn't have "toned it down." "Be still my beating heart!" said Len, who encouraged them to just do what they know, and not worry about him and the sexiness. "Taking the raunch out of Lil'Kim is like a margarita without tequila!" said Bruno, inimitable as ever. "BRING BACK THE RAUNCH!"
Scores: CAI 9, LG 8, BT 9, Total 26

This week, Chuck and Julianne have a date at the Sticks Country Music Festival in Waverly, Alabama, where Chuck is canvassing support from the crowd. Meanwhile, coming off the "too hot" rumba, they focused on the technique for a samba. "ALL I WANT IS A 9!" cries Chuck...and he seems likely to get it with his samba, to "Baila, Baila." Sabrina has the best quote on this: "Holy smokes-a-row! WOW! Where did THIS come from?" I don't know if I see the hip action the samba demands, but they sure finished big. Len was uncharacteristically effusive, calling it "By far your best dance!" "You must want it so badly!" cried Bruno. "You were working that butt and hips!" Carrie-Ann just cheered. I smell high score!
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

(Continued in next post)

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(Continued from previous post)

Ty and Chelsie are disappointed by their recent drop in the standings...fortunately, with a waltz, he's back to ballroom style, and Lord knows he's good at holding on! However, to Ty, Chelsie feels more like his adopted daughter than a romantic partner...so in comes Ty's real romantic partner, would-be competitor Jewel, to "make fun of them!" "Be sincere in your relationship!" she encourages them, and Ty dedicates his waltz to her. The waltz, to "Strawberry Wine" (more country music), actually felt more like I was watching a father-daughter dance at a wedding reception...but they pulled it off well, it was a joy to watch. "The biggest comeback since Mickey Rourke!" crowed Bruno. Carrie-Ann praised his beautiful frame and their connection, but thought she did still detect a bit of fear in his eyes. Len praised the posture and holds, and quipped that the dance had "more rises and falls than a bride's nightie." Damn, he's funny when he wants to be.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 8, BT 8, Total 24

If you want a packed schedule, Shawn and Mark have it this week. She had to run to New York to pick up one award, then Des Moines to pick up another one...she missed the group dance rehearsal, and had to squeeze in cha-cha-cha rehearsals late at night in Iowa! The completed cha-cha-cha, to "P.Y.T.," didn't feel "incomplete" though; she looked sure of herself, and moved quickly and precisely, working those hips! I think she sold it! Carrie-Ann loved it, saying "Usually, I get caught up in your technique...but you brought this to life!" Len thought she blended in the rhythms just right. But leave it to Bruno: "Shawn, my cheeky little devil! You got flamboyant and vibrant!"
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 10, Total 28

After being dethroned from the top spot by Lil'Kim last week, Gilles and Cheryl are looking to show off Gilles' "calmer" side with a Viennese waltz. Gilles' arms are still "too Latin," though, so Cheryl takes him to a synchronized-swimming coach, with whom he practices the dance moves underwater, to properly simulate the "fluid" style. (And look out, here comes Gilles! CANNONBALL!) The Viennese walts, to "I Got To Sleep," seemed technically competent, as always, but neither Sabrina or I "felt it." The judges seemed more enthusiastic, though. Len praised the romance, the rotations, and the nuances, though suggested he needed a teeny bit of work on footwork. Bruno called it "glamorous," but noted they still managed a bit of sexiness. Carrie-Ann named Gilles the most graceful male dancer, but noted that he needed to watch his posture a bit.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

And now we have a group dance, saluting the 60's! Ty showed up for the rehearsals looking like he was headed to Woodstock...UR DOIN IT WRONG! Kim loves being on a go-go pedestal! Lawrence called it "more like Dancing With The Clowns!" Each star is encouraged to develop their own "signature move," and they show them off as part of the dance, including Ty "riding" Chelsie, Lawrence doing "down! set! HUT!", and Shawn and Mark turning cartwheels. Bruno said the men "produced a performance of sublime silliness." Carrie-Ann thought he girls brought their A-game. Len declined to single any one dancer out, calling it "more than just individual performances"; it took him back to his days clubbing in London back in '64.
(No score this dance)

Gilles missed the top spot this week again...Melissa has it. Meanwhile, Lawrence is now occupying the cellar. Can he make it through the elimination tomorrow night! Don't touch that mouse! We'll have the answers tomorrow night!


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So, in advance of tonight, what might happen...

I think Lawrence is gone tonight. He came out strong this week, for him, but he's the weakest of the remaining competitors by a long shot.

But after that? The remaining six competitors are a very strong field, and it's hard to know what will happen.

Our four "top tier" competitors are still right up there. Gilles may have faltered the past couple of weeks, but his record is still the one to match. Lil'Kim has clawed her way into this group on her merits, and won't relinquish it easily at this point. Melissa started strong and stayed fairly strong throughout; she may be the weakest of the top four, but it's a very close call. Shawn is really hitting her stride now, and she can make a real run for the cheesy disco-ball trophy in the last few weeks of the competition.

And don't count out either Ty or Chuck! They've really narrowed the gap between themselves and the top tier. Either of them could still backslide, and possibly get knocked out, if they get the "wrong" dance one week...but, with a little luck, one of them could surprise us all.

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Well, ABC seems to have dropped the idea of the dance-off, as I think they figured out it doesn't really make a lick of difference. But we're still gonna send someone home tonight...

First, though, we get the judges' encore dance...and they wanna see the group dance again! So everyone comes back out in their 60's outfits and runs through it again! Next, the oligatory recap:

- Lawrence and his wonderful waltz!
- Ty waltzes his way back into the running!
- Kim does a rumba...but it's not "like" her!
- Chuck wows the judges with a samba!
- Gilles gets the Viennese waltz right!
- Shawn's cha-cha-cha earns a Bruno fist-pump!
- Melissa fights through a rib injury to score high!

Next, in this week's episode of "Pad The Show," some experts do a segment on the physiological effects of dancing, including the injuries, the energy expended, and the weight they're losing. Then Natasha Beddingfield performs her hit "Soulmate" as Dmitry and Lacey dance to it. The cast of "Burn the Floor" then gives a performance; you know, I'm pretty sure all the dance pros out there really appreciate getting a national audience on network TV like this...

After one more Samantha time-waster, we start seeing who's safe!

1. Chuck & Julianne - Red satin must do something for the judges!
2. Melissa & Tony - Oh, please! You thought they'd kick off the high scorers for this week?
3. Shawn & Mark - She's still too young, so, I ain't ever seen a butt like that! (But, a couple weeks ago, she sure made Mark's pee-pee go badoing-doing-doing! [Big Grin] )

And now, we introduce a "sub-competition" within the Dancing With The Stars competition...six pros are competing for viewer votes, and the top dancer will become one of the pro dancers on DWTS Season 9! The judges get to comment, but no scores from them...

First up, we have Brent Borbon and Afton DelGrosso. (Afton is the little sister of Season 1 & 2 pro Ashly DelGrosso!) Their cha-cha-cha, to "Damaged," is a very crisp number, as they're BOTH damn good performers! Len called it crisp and clear, but thought that Afton showed more flair. Bruno called Afton "Another rising star in your family's dynasty!" and enjoyed the "poppy" feel Brent brought. Carrie-Ann liked Brent's presence, but reminded him he had to watch his technique...and as for Afton, she said, "You are just beautiful!"

Next up, we have Anna Demidova and Mayo Alanen. (Mayo claims to be an "all-American boy," but I think his ancestry is Finnish...the name is one clue.) They performed a waltz, to "When Will I Hold You Again," and it was a joy to watch, very strong and dynamic. Carrie-Ann loved Mayo's distinguished character (as did I), and thought Anna's star was understated. Len said, "You made this waltz look fantastic!" and will be interested to see, if they remain in the competition, how they cope with a Latin dance. Bruno praised Mayo's beautiful lines, and, to Anna, he said, "'Dazzler' does not do you justice!"

Last up, we have Snow Urbin and Genya Mazo. (Genya is the little brother of Alec Mazo, who helped Kelly Monaco score a win in Season 1!) Their rumba, to "Stop & Stare," was nice to watch, sensual without being overly raunchy. Bruno admired how Genya enhanced his partner's skill (important for a DWTS pro!) and thought Snow's name should actually be "Fire." Carrie-Ann agreed with him; she liked how Genya was so supportive of his partner even though the two were technically competing against one another. Len told Genya, "You danced like a real MAN!", and liked how Snow struck the right balance between technique and sensuality.

Our last musical guests for the evening were the group Celtic Woman, singing "You Raise Me Up," with an accompanying routine by show dance champions Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian that looked as intricate as a figure-skating routine. I think that, if the folks lobbying for dancesport to become an Olympic event succeed, it'll be partly due to the influence of DWTS in the US and every other country it's been on in.

Now, finally, we get to more couples' fates:

4. Lil'Kim & Derek - And next week, as she says, "it's on!"
5. Gilles & Cheryl - Despite the last two weeks, they're still the top performers on average!

So the bottom two are Ty & Chelsie, and Lawrence & Edyta. And the couple knocked out is...

Lawrence & Edyta! Fourth and inches, and "going for it" didn't work...he's out on downs!

Meanwhile, Ty & Chelsie don't let the bull get them by the horns...they ride again next week!

Lawrence, for his part, seems anxious to get back to the golf course! [Big Grin] He gives thanks for being able to dance with Edyta...and Edyta reminds him that he owes her some golf lessons!

So Lawrence heads back to the links...but six couples head back into the rehearsal studios, to prepare for another individual dance, as well as being part of either "Team Mambo" or "Team Tango"! We'll stay with 'em right down to the end...so, till next time: Open your heart and let it out, spread the word of funk, y'all!


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aw... I kinda liked Lawrence... especially when he got all teary-eyed a couple of weeks ago.

This show just isn't as fun without people who can't dance. I'm glad Steve-O was off'd, but it ain't the same without the dashing and daring footwork wizardry of Woz.

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Icon 1 posted April 24, 2009 12:34            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Here's some news blips for you...

First, ABC has announced early series renewals for the 2009-2010 season, and, no surprise, Dancing With The Stars is among them. Unfortunately, a couple of the series that have been scheduled after DWTS that Sabrina likes, the detective drama Castle (starring Nathan Fillion, better known as Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly) and the drama Cupid, have yet to receive ABC's renewal nod. We'll know on those by May 19.

Second, Jewel, Ty Murray's wife, who was slated to be a competitor this season but had to bow out before the first episode due to leg injuries (and was replaced by Holly Madison), wants another try at it for Season 9. At least now she'd have a better idea of what she's getting herself into, after her aborted rehearsals and watching Ty "head off to the dance mines" every day.

Finally, this article has a short blurb from The Woz, who's still in the audience supporting his friends: "I miss dancing extremely. More than the dancing, I miss the practicing. I miss the sweating and the work—I've got to find a solution to this." Hey, Woz: You don't need to compete...take a cue from Lady Gaga, and "Just Dance"! [Smile]

EDIT: And "one more thing" (to quote His Jobsness)...if you didn't believe my cheeky reference to Eminem's Ass Like That about Mark, Shawn's partner, you are invited to check it out. (Marginally NSFW?)

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