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Author Topic: a random dark story
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One warm september day rick was out whit his family and friends and having fun in his new house.
It has now bin fifteen years sense the accident whit the fusion reactor that turned him into alphaman
Before the accident he was a nobody his life sucked now he has finally found a girlfriend and got his life back on track and he has putt away his mask and given up the life of alphaman.
-man its good to be me no more pain and suffering i can finally start a family whit you hanna. Said rick
-i know darling but you don't have to give up you superhero life just for me. Said hanna
-yes i do i don't want it to come between us besides now that i an not alphaman any more no supervillains will attack us two.said rick
-don't you mean us three "daddy"
-WHAT you mean .......
-yes buddy you girlfriend is pregnant whit a son.said ricks closest friend james.
-WAHOO. Rick screamed and fired two beams of energy right throw the roof.
-oups i will fix that. Said rick
Just as the party was coming to its end the front door exploded.
-sow this is ware you are hiding mr superhero.said the guy ho blow the door
-i know that mean voice bomber how the heck did you find me?
-that is of no coinsure all that matters is that this time you die.bomber said and starting to prepare an explosion.
-NOT IN HEAR!rick said and fired a beam right on bomber that throw him and right in to a tree
He the started to walk up to bomber and at the same time changing into his alphaman suit.
-whay can't you just leave me alone. Alphaman said
Bomber did not answer he just detonated a explosion under alphaman sow that he flu right into a pile of big rocks that brock a prat when he hit them and whit those rocks over him hi couldn't move.
-hm if i can't kill you i haft to satisfy whit them.bomber said and detonated a small nuclear explosion in the house incinerating awaiting and any one inside.
-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!alpahman screamed in sadness and anger
-hahahahaha sow what are you going to what' a hell? Bomber said when he saw alphaman.
The rocks over alphaman was beginning to melt when suddenly a bright flash appeared and when the light cleared alphaman was was standing there whit his hand glowing like stars and the gravity around him was reversed.
-wha wha what going an.bomber said in fear
The alphaman was locking up on him his eyes was glowing and then he started to move faster and faster towards bomber and when he was close to bomber he showed his arm right throve bombers chest and right out his back then he started to absorb bombers life and power energy slowly and painfully killing him when bomber was drained of energy he removed his arm and bomber fell to the ground like a bag of onions.
-that is for my loved ones.and whit those words he tock to the sky and heeded for the mountains ware he needed to be alone fore a wail two years has now passed sends bomber kill his loved ones alphaman returned to the hero business but hi was not as he wore before he has now embraced a no tolerances for crime he now kills all criminals he even changed his costume from red whit a blue cape whit a yellow stripe and belt to dark red whit a big dark gray x on the torso and a black batman like cape and no mask
One day when he was patrolling the city a dark figure called him down on one of the roof tops.
-ho are you and what do you want?alphaman said
But the dark figure did not say any thing hi just laid his hand on alphaman chest and then alphaman sensed a power surge filling his heart whit pure darkness replacing the small light that was still in him then a flash and after the light cleared alphaman just stood there then he locked up but he was chanced his skin was pale and he had blood covered horns on his forehead nad his eyes was glowing blood red.
-now lets take over this land of the living for my master.the dark figure said.
-[no i want to destroy it]alphaman said whit a dark voice.
-no you serve my master.
-[i serve no one] he said and blasted the dark figure away and flu away and destroyed four buildings full of people and laughed.
-what have i done whit his powers hi will destroy everything on this world and then com after us i have doomed us all.

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