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Author Topic: DWTS Quick Hits - Season Lucky 13

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Week 10 continued...


The round where anything goes, lifts allowed, no holds barred. The round that has produced some of the most memorable dances in the show's history. The round that can trip up a front-runner, or give a dark horse the Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy. That round starts now!

There's a lot of lifting going on for Ricki and Derek, as Ricki is nervous about "being thrown around" by Derek, while Derek, for his part, is being hard on Ricki, as he's noticed that that seems to help her score better. And, when it comes to freestyles, you "Can't Touch It"! The dance, combining quickstep and salsa styles, was positively exuberant. Ricki has the shimmy in the shoulders, and her feet may have been a tiny bit off, but the routine ended with one hell of a spinning lift that got her a bit dizzy as she touched down...and accidentally clocked Derek in the jaw! Len thought it was fun and entertaining, but thought she lost it in the quickstep a bit. Bruno mentioned that it was one of the most demanding dances due to the change in styles, and "By God, you did a good job!" Carrie-Ann loved those difficult lifts, and praised the transition between styles as "effortless."
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

"You're goin' DOWN!" promise Rob and Cheryl to the other couples, playing to Rob's strengths by starting slow, but then going faster at the end. Oh, and don't forget those crazy lifts! They did it to "Minnie The Moocher" in true Cotton Club fashion, opening classy and flamboyantly smooth in the beginning with a foxtrot-like bit before breaking into a jive on the "fast" part of the chorus; it captured the flavor of the song very well. "Brilliant concept, brilliant execution, brilliant performance!" crowed Bruno. "You peaked at just the right time!" "You have to blow us away to get a 10 at this point," said Carrie-Ann, "...consider me BLOWN!" Len said, "A moocher takes without giving...you just gave your all! You and your family should be proud!" I smell HIGH SCORE!
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Fourth of the season, and first for Rob and Cheryl!)

J.R. and Karina have a salsa-inspired routine in mind to celebrate J.R.'s Latin heritage, but neither one of them is really down with the lifts, as Karina has had neck surgery in the past, and J.R. remembers Hines and Kym's little mishap in practice last season. The lifts they had planned did not go off well during rehearsals...but, in the actual performance, to "Whine Up," they somehow pulled it off! It was a very HOT routine, from the opening, to the fancy lifts, to the pedestal dancing at the end that looked like they were the guest star act! "That's the way to come back!" cried Carrie-Ann, lapsing into incoherence as she started dancing. "Fantastic! Way to go!" said Len. "It was brilliant! What a comeback!" added Bruno. They're making this a horse race...
Scores: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Fifth of the season, and third for J.R. and Karina!)

After the first two rounds, Rob and Cheryl sit in the Number One spot with 57 points, trailed closely by Ricki and Derek and J.R. and Karina, each with 54! They will add to their scores tomorrow night with two more dances, including an Instant Samba, and those will then be combined with the viewer votes to crown a new champion! DON'T MISS IT!

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WEEK 10: Finals Part 2 and THE CHAMPIONSHIP!

The ranks of Heroes of the Ballroom...a distinguished group of individuals, fine dancers all, previous holders of the top trophy of American television dancing: Kelly Monaco, the soap starlet who took the first (Extremely) Cheesy Disco Ball amid a cloud of controversy! Drew Lachey, former boy-band idol who proved he still had the moves! Emmitt Smith, running back who became the first to score a Disco Ball Touchdown for the NFL! Apolo Anton Ohno, Fastest Man on Ice, who became the top man on the hardwood! Helio Castroneves, who went from Brickyard to polished wood and drove away with a checkered ball! Kristi Yamaguchi, queen of the ice rink, then queen of the dance floor! Brooke Burke, model and actress who parlayed her win into a gig as DWTS cohost! Shawn Johnson, pint-sized pixie who vaulted her way to the top of the heap! Donny Osmond, consummate entertainer, proving that age is no handicap to dance talent! Nicole Scherzinger, Pussycat Doll who became the tigress of the ballroom! Jennifer Grey, who went from Dirty Dancing to ballroom dancing, and showed the world, once again, that no one puts Baby in a corner! Hines Ward, wide receiver who swapped his cleats for dancing shoes and came up with a Disco Ball TD of his own!

Tonight, three more stand ready to join this pantheon: Ricki Lake, talk show hostess and Hairspray starlet whose dance scores have soared even as her waistline has shrunk! J.R. Martinez, who may not have been awarded a medal for his heroics in the Sandbox, but who stands poised to win an even more exclusive honor on the battlefield of the ballroom! And Rob Kardashian, long overshadowed by the antics (and looks) of his famous sisters, who has found new maturity and talent in dance! Three top-flight competitors...but only one Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy to be won. Which one will it be? The answer lies ahead!

Our final journey opens with a nice number featuring the already-eliminated Pros and the New Mutants...then, one by one, the eliminated stars are introduced, followed by the Final Three! And Lady Antebellum performed their new song "Dancing Away With My Heart," accompanying Dmitry, Kym, Val, and Peta. But that's just the warmup, now time for the action!


This round was scored by rank order only: first place couple got another 30 points, second 28, third 26.

Ricki and Derek discussed doing their quickstep and their rumba before settling on their Psycho tango. Ricki, who wore the same hat to her last day of rehearsals that she wore to her first, relished the opportunity to perfect the routine. And indeed, this routine looked just like the last time, only sharper! (Pardon the pun. [Big Grin] ) The feet were good, the sync was great, and she had the attitude down pat...and the "murder" ending was just as chilling! Len called it one of the most memorable dances ever on the show, and he loved it the second time around. "It was a grand cinematic extravaganza!" cried Bruno. "Unforgettable!" Carrie-Ann said, "You have proven you were a fighter...this was perfect the first time around, it was beyond perfection the second time around!" If the scoring weren't so farked up, I have no doubt we'd see a row of "10" paddles here.

Rob and Cheryl thought of their Addams Family tango before settling on the "Fly Me To The Moon" foxtrot. Rob tells us he was transformed into someone he never thought he'd be, and it showed; he moved a lot easier through this dance now! I liked how the grapevine worked in this dance, and it was just emotional and cute all at the same time. Well done! "Even that little hiccup was charming!" said Bruno. "I think you've got your mojo!" Carrie-Ann pointed out the "slip" as well, but liked his elegance and refinement. Len, for one, never really noticed a slip! (You and me both, Len!) "You have the best footwork of any guy I've seen on this show!" he said. "You've grown in so many ways!"

Of course, J.R. and Karina liked their "Jump, Jive and Wail" jive, but it needed work; they had to remove the lift Carrie-Ann dinged them for, as well as the elements that looked to Len more like a Lindy hop! And yeah, the opening went much the same, but, when they arrived at the pojnt with the lift, they just stopped and J.R. waggled his finger "uh-uh!" (Cute!) It was energetic and fun, as a jive should bem with kicks and flicks that did not disappoint! Carrie-Ann though it was a little rough, but praised him as "a catalyst for joy"; she actually missed the lift! "You did what I asked you to, you took out those Lindy hop elements," said Len, who admired his sparkling personality. "Energetic, fast-paced, FUN FUN FUN!" crowed Bruno

And the scores for this round were: Rob and Cheryl, 3rd place (26), J.R. and Karina, 2nd place (28), and Ricki and Derek, 1st place (30)! While we see a "Judges Uncut" segment, the ABC supercomputer grinds to combine those totals with the viewer votes...

And the third-place finisher...


Ricki and Derek!!!

Derek noted how much Ricki's confidence grew as the competition went on; Ricki, for her part, believes, "If you can do this, you can do anything!" They took their final bow with a monster twirl!

But it's not over yet, ladies and gentlemen!


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...Week 10, Part 2 continued...

And now, we start the retrospectives...the first one was of Weeks 1 through 3, followed by a dance number with Metta World Peace, Peta Murgatroyd, Elisabetta Canalis, and Valentin Chmerkovskiy. After that, Kristin Cavalarri and Mark Ballas returned to the floor with a new routine of their own!

Chynna Phillips and Tony Dovolani got a "retry" of their Mission: Impossible dance, hoping to avoid Chynna's "brain freeze" on the floor that cost her a slot in the competition going forward. (Sadly, it did not include Mark's wire work descending from the ceiling.) But yeah, she nailed it this time, and it was much better!

Carson Kressley had a dream...he always wanted to do a dance routine to Madonna's "Vogue." Well, with the redoubtable Anna Trebunskaya, he got his wish...including side boys Teddy Volynets and Valentin Chmerkovskiy (!), and a couple of other dancing girls from the Troupe! That routine was...well, if you look up "campy" in the dictionary, that routine would be sitting right there! It was wish-fulfillment for Carson in a big way, and I loved it! (It's probably already gone viral. Look for it on YouTube.)

Part 2 of the retrospective covered Weeks 4 through 6, followed by Nancy Grace and Tristan MacManus dancing again to "Always Look On the Bright Side of Life." (Geek Alert! [Geek] ) And Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer danced a new routine...accompanied by Lacey's father, Buddy Schwimmer, who proved, with Chaz, that big guys can move! (Chaz has been in the audience to support the rest of the cast members ever since he was voted out. Good man.)

David Arquette and Kym Johnson reprised their "We Go Together" dance, this time, with help from the New Mutants! (David tried to sneak off with the Cheesy Disco Ball Trophy! Fortunately, he was caught by Tom and the judges...) And Lady Antebellum got back onstage to perform their hit "Need You Now," accompanying our Troupers.

The last part of the retrospective covered Weeks 7 through 9, and Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy did their quickstep again in a "no hard feelings" dance. They did it better, even if Hope did accidentally kick one of the spotlights at the side of the stage!

But wait...in the words of the late, great Steve Jobs..."one more thing"...


Samba: the most difficult of the Latin dances. The music is "Shake Your Bon-Bon." And both couples remaining had to quickly rehearse and scrape together a routine backstage! They performed in quick succession, one after the other.

J.R. and Karina showed off J.R.'s Latin heritage with their hip action, and did a routine that was great fun; Rob and Cheryl proved that he could move it, too, and attack the dance with finesse. Both of the celebrities would, in my opinion, be able to hold their heads high among any competitive dancers in this country. Len rarely does what he did: gave them both a standing ovation. "Well done!" Bruno noted that J.R. "can turn it on at will! You just bring it, and they all love you!" while telling Rob, "You really know how to use your bon-bon!" (Yeah, he would know.) "You were over the rainbow last week; this week, you're in orbit!" Carrie-Ann just said, "Both of you are winners! Both of you went for it!"
J.R. and Karina: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Sixth of the season; fourth for J.R.!)
Rob and Cheryl: CAI 10, LG 10, BT 10, PERFECT THIRTY!!! (Seventh of the season; second for Rob!)

Final scores for Week 10: J.R. and Karina 112, Rob and Cheryl 113. BUT! As I've said before, the judges propose, the viewers dispose! So back to the ABC supercomputer we go, to include these scores as a factor...

And now! The moment you've all been waiting for!

The winner, and new Champion...

Of Dancing With the Stars...

Season Lucky 13...



J.R. AND KARINA!!!!! [Applause]

Quite frankly, though, both couples felt like winners. Certainly, Rob was not disappointed in the least! And well he should not be! I think the future is looking bright for him.

Meanwhile, in a crowd of bodies on the floor, Karina, first-time pro winner, is hoisted to Mark's shoulders...while J.R., war hero turned dance hero, is lifted by Derek, as he holds high the honor even rarer than the Congressional Medal of Honor...THE CHEESY DISCO BALL TROPHY!!!

And so comes to a close Season Lucky 13 of Dancing With the Stars. But all is not lost, dance fans...return on March 19, 2012, as Season 14 gets underway, with a new cast, new dances, and a new round of Quick Hits! This is Erbo, saying, peace out, GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!

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Icon 1 posted November 23, 2011 01:05            Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

Commentary and analysis: Erbo

Color commentary: Sabrina

LG Electronics 42" HDTV
Motorola DVR cable box
Cable service from XFINITY by Comcast
Data capture by Google Cr-48 Chromebook prototype
Voting by Apple iPhone 3GS
Editing and production by custom AMD/ASUS workstation

Transportation by "OMG, I gotta hurry home, DWTS is on in two hours!" [Big Grin]

Special thanks to:
Sabrina (input and general love)
Annie Barrett, EW.com (professional inspiration)
Nitrozac and Snaggy (graciously putting up with my blather) - "You were like a scintillating platter of osso buco, brown and simmered in a treasure chest, squeezing every drop of glamour. I'll never go hungry again!"
"Tiny Bruno" iPhone app (the above quotation)

This has been a presentation of Erbosoft Worldwide Digital Entertainment.


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