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Author Topic: Dancing With The Stars - Season 8, Week 6

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We're halfway through the season, and things are heating up this week, with the fast, fancy jive and the sultry rumba! This is the point, as Len says, where we "separate the contenders from the pretenders," so it's good that no one seems to be injured this week! Let's see what's out there!

After last week, Ty and Chelsie seem to be slipping back a bit...hopefully the jive will be more suited to his style! Trying to remember all those steps is what makes his performance "mechanical"; to help him out, Chelsie brings in a trampoline and a hula hoop to help him get loose. "When you get bucked off, you gotta get right back on," says Ty, and he oughta know! They stared off their jive, to "The Girl's Gone Wild," with a little country line dancing, using the music to their advantage. "He's workin' it!" said Sabrina. The foot action was good, the speed was there, and it was a good way to kick off the show. Len noted that he had a charming, bewildered, "what am I doing here?" look, but, though he tried 100%, it took a while to get started and it wasn't that good. "The line dancing was good," said Bruno, "but then the jive started! You went for it like a wild animal, twenty thousand kicks and flicks, but none of them were right!" Carrie-Ann noted that it was exciting and rocked the house, but he never really found his footing.
Scores: CAI 6, LG 6, BT 6, Total 18

Shawn and Mark need to overcome Shawn's nervousness and shyness about the rumba, seeing how it is so sensual. Since she might miss her senior prom, Mark went to the trouble of re-creating it for her in the rehearsal space, and it actually seemed to help. the rumba was set to "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," and, let me tell you, 17-year-olds should not be moving like that! Sabrina wonders if this sort of dance is why Shawn was having stalker issues a couple weeks ago. I thought they sold the dance, and so did the audience, who gave them the first standing ovation of the night! "That was so beautifully pure, almost angelic!" gushed the irrepressible Bruno. "The innocent side of romance, with a hint of the devil!" He did suggest she needed to push the hip action a bit. Carrie-Ann could see Shawn's discomfort with the dance, but liked how Mark helped bring her out in the second half. Len thought the "temperature" of this dance was just right; he enjoyed it.
Scores: CAI 8, LG 9, BT 9, Total 26

After Lawrence and Edyta survived the dance-off last week, Lawrence said, "I don't want to have to do that again!" It's hard for him to get a smile on his face when he learns a new dance; fortunately, his old football buddy Warren Stapp came in and helped cheer him up. He looked cool in the jive, to "Ain't That Peculiar," and even if it wasn't as fast as it could be, it looked OK to me. "L.T.! You got your groove back!" said Carrie-Ann. Len said he captured the style and got the basic moves; it showed his lightness of personality, but perhaps could have shown a bit more lightness in the feet. "You're alive and kicking!" said Bruno. "You never lost time! It was your best to date!"
Scores: CAI 7, LG 7, BT 8, Total 22

The dress-ripper of a paso that Melissa and Tony turned in last week was somewhat disappointing, so Melissa has resolved to do better in the rumba. She felt it came together easier, and that she'd "ooze romance" in the dance. "If I Were A Boy" was the music, and while their rumba looked exotic, I don't think either Sabrina or I really felt it. Sabrina said, "It's OK, I don't see..." and I was kind of "meh" on it, too. Maybe the judges saw something we didn't. Len thought it was clean, precise, and interesting, but thought it should be less "ballet-like" and more "earthy." Bruno felt it was voloptuous and exotic, but "I want to see Melissa the maneater!" Carrie-Ann loved the emotional quality and believed the passion, but thought she shouldn't be afraid to work on the hip action.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 9, BT 9, Total 27

(Continued in next post)

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Lil'Kim and Derek have good chemistry between them, as the judges noted last week, but the jive is proving to be more challenging than she thought. Field trip time! Off they go to the original Bob's Big Boy, to check out the classic 50's cars and some classic 50's dance moves! Whatever she picked up there must have helped, because she turned in one hell of a dance! Sabrina screamed as "Jailhouse Rock" played and Derek stood on the judges' desk! I liked their unison and their timing in the fast moves...she made one little slip, but the dance brought down the house! (Queen Latifah, in the audience, loved it!) The reaction wasn't limited to Sabrina and the audience; two of the judges went completely apeshit! "I'M GUILTY!" cried Bruno. "ARREST ME! I'M GUILTY OF LOVE IN THE FIRST DEGREE! YOU ROCK!" Carrie-Ann chimed in, "WOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was amazing! I don't know how you do it!" Of course, you know Len is gonna be the buzzkill; he thought Derek got carried away, and it lacked a lot of "jive." With the way Melissa and Shawn have been performing, I'm thinking Lil'Kim has moved solidly into second place.
Scores: CAI 10, LG 8, BT 10, Total 28

After the "miracle save" last week, Steve-O and Lacey are up for the rumba this week, the dance of love...and Steve-O is "gonna give the fans all the love I got." He has to find some kind of romantic connection with Lacey for this dance...but, if it's hard for him, it's even harder for her! The man picks his nose...he scratches his butt...he FARTS! EWWW! Steve-O brought his dog, Boogie, in for moral support, but their dance, to "Fall For You," just didn't have it. He seemed off in timing, off in connection, off in, well, pretty much everything. It was a valiant effort, but...NO. Carrie-Ann thought "there was something oddly mesmerising" about his dance; "it's your commitment." She did say he still needed to work on grace. "You can't confuse movement with dancing!" said Len. "There was no dancing, no footwork, it was no good!" "Thank God for Racy Lacey!" said Bruno. "You have the charm of a confused puppy...but the dancing is BAD!" The fans will need to pull off another miracle this week, or Steve-O will be gone!
Scores: CAI 7, LG 4, BT 5, Total 16

For our couple that has a lock on the top of the leaderboard, Gilles and Cheryl, a change of pace is necessary; he needs to be, not the "sexy" Gilles, but the "fun" Gilles! Cheryl has to correct his steps a bit; "Not like the can-can!" she says. To take a break from the "insane" choreography, Gilles showed off his fancy footwork on the soccer field! GOOOOOOOALLLL!!! They did a fast, exciting jive to "Dance, Dance" (which had to be slowed down a bit from the Fall Out Boy original) that maybe was just a fraction off, but I could see would be tough to beat. Len thought he put in a lot of qualities of the jive, but misstepped a bit, and it felt "frenzied." "Fast and furious," said Bruno, "any faster and you'd be faster than light! You put 110% into every thing you do!" He noted that the speed made things less sharp, "like a mad squirrel." (Ah, Bruno...where would we be without you?) "You can do showy, too!" said Carrie-Ann, who did note "something weird" going on with his arms, and felt he needed to find a happy medium somewhere.
Scores: CAI 9, LG 8, BT 9, Total 26

And now, we come to what should be the most apropos dance of the night: Chuck and Julianne doing the rumba. for obvious reasons, Chuck does not want to mess it up! Julianne, though, finds it hard to balance being his teacher and his girlfriend...so they pay a visit to the site of their first date, the Santa Monica pier. It's a perfect setting to rekindle their romance and get in touch with the dance; "It's not about the steps," says Chuck, "it's about the connection!" The rumba, to "She Will Be Loved," started, and Sabrina was immediately going "Ohhhhhh" and "DAMN!" Connection...they haz it! And is the room getting a little warmer all of a sudden? "I'd like some more of that, please!" said Bruno. "You switched on the raunch factor! You have unlocked something and need to hold onto it!" "That was the most passionate, sexy number of the night!" said Carrie-Ann, who noted that Chuck's technique could use work. Len, though, thought it was "more suited to the bedroom than the ballroom," and felt it was inconsistent and a little too "in his face."
Scores: CAI 8, LG 7, BT 8, Total 23

Well, well, well, well, well! Gilles has been dethroned from the top spot; Lil'Kim is high scorer this week! And, once again, Steve-O is in the cellar. Will he survive another week? Will Gilles recover from this week? Who's going home tomorrow night? We'll find out...tomorrow night!


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Tonight...one more couple is scheduled to hit the sidewalks...but there's an hour to kill tonight, so it's time to get to it! First up, we get the judges' encore, and, for the second week in the row, Lil'Kim and Derek get to perform it! Kim, I think, has now solidly established herself in second place, and, if Gilles doesn't re-establish domination, she could make a bid for the lead!

Then a quick review of our competitors:

Ty: Back where he started, but still game!
Steve-O: That was less than he hoped!
Chuck: The raunchy rumba split the judges!
Lawrence: Clawing his way up, with his first score over 20!
Shawn: Romance with a hint of the devil!
Gilles: Stays positive despite slipping from the top!
Melissa: Balletic, but good enough for triple 9's!
Lil'Kim: Love that fist pump from Bruno!

Now we get a dance routine from the revival of West Side Story, the song "America." Ah, for those much simpler times 50 years gone. Then, after Samantha kills a little time, we learn two big facts:

1. Len's score of 4 for Steve-O's rumba was the lowest-ever score awarded in Week 6 of DWTS.
2. There will be no dance-off this week! (Maybe ABC is starting to figure out that the dance-off is kinda pointless.)

Finally, we get some results...

Lil'Kim and Derek...SAFE! Ain't no knocking her off the competition yet!
Lawrence and Edyta...SAFE! No Hail Mary pass needed, Lawrence crosses mid-field and keeps advancing!

Next up is country group Rascal Flatts (which gets the Sabrina Seal of Approval) and their newest single, "Goodbye." Tony and Julianne did a routine to it...and WHAT a routine! And next week...the stars will be designing the costumes for their partners! Look for some wild stuff!


Shawn and Mark...SAFE! Just like the Stray Cats song, she's sexy and 17, and she stays!
Melissa and Tony...SAFE! Our remaining "replacement dancer" continues the run!

Following more yak-yak from Samantha (nobody likes that stuff), the Macy's Stars of Dance presentation this week is choreographed by a former Pussycat Doll, and features Carmen Electra. A pretty flashy routine...in which Ms. Electra danced up to the desk, and grabbed poor Len by the tie! Don't give the guy a heart attack, now! Then Rascal Flatts did a cover of the Beatles' "Revolution No.9" for a 4-way dance routine. And then...oh dear, they brought in a psychologist to analyze the stars' body language. Can we just get on with it already?

Next safe couple...Gilles and Cheryl! The "naked guy" gets his chance to hold onto the lead...but look out, Lil'Kim's comin' up fast!

After they kind of miss the cut for the commercial break, and Tom quips "Well, that was abrupt!", we get the next safe couple...Chuck and Julianne! Guess the home viewers aren't quite as conservative as Len!

Before the final announcement, the judges get a chance to chime in. Carrie-Ann says she'll miss Steve-O's uplifting determination if he gets eliminated. Len says he'll miss Ty's charm, enthusiasm, and 100% effort if he goes. When asked to say who he'd rather see stay, Bruno says, "the better dancer," which would be Ty.

And the next eliminated couple is...

Steve-O and Lacey! The fans gave him one miracle save...but, like Woz, his luck was bound to run out!

Meanwhile, Ty and Chelsie aren't headed for the last roundup yet...he'll get his re-ride next week!

Steve-O said of the experience, "It's been awesome, it's forced me to really grow as a person." He also praised Lacey's patience. (And so say we all!) And Rascal Flatts came back out to play them out with their hit, "What Hurts The Most."

Seven couples left...and next week, we have not just performances by all the couples, but they all get to perform in a group routine, a tribute to the 1960's! Will Ty and Lawrence manage to hold on? Can Chuck improve his position? Will Melissa or Shawn make a play for the lead? Can Gilles hold off the red-hot Lil'Kim any longer? Till next time, raise your voices, raise them high, sing "Hallelujah" to the sky, praise the funk, yeah, the funky sound, then bring it on down, bring it on down!


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