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Author Topic: How I reacted to a cornball nightmare...

Icon 1 posted December 05, 2001 10:24            Edit/Delete Post 
Last night, I had a dream where I was at a strange bakery. However, at the same
time, I was imagining the Startrek episode "Trouble with Tribbles" with the scene
that shows Kirk and Scotty talking after the fight with the Klingons playing
through my mind. Basicly, it almost looked no different than if was in a real bakery
and my mind wandered (my dreams have multitasking!). Did anyone else
experience something like this?

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Icon 3 posted December 06, 2001 20:35      Profile for theJacob     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I just rememberd a dream I had last summer. I was working as a lifeguard then (ah, the geek lifeguard. Rare.)
Anyway, I would dream that we were understaffed (as always) and I had to watch two or three zones at once. A bunch of people would start to drown at once, and I'd blow my wistle, but it did not work. It felt like I was blowing into a pillow (which, as it turns out, was what I was doing). So I'd say, "screw it" and jump in to save them, but when I reached them they would all lose their bones and turn to rubber when I touched them.

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Icon 5 posted December 07, 2001 06:58      Profile for Geekatrix     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Last night I had a dream that I was back in high school, and I was returning to school for the first time in months after a prolonged illness. As usual, most of the kids were picking on me, but even the ones who were usually nice to me were acting really weird. It turned out that someone had started a rumor that I pleasured myself with a hairbrush, and people actually believed it. At least some of the nicer kids were embarassed when I pointed out how ridiculous it was.

Then I had a dream that I went to a nice hair salon for a cut (in real life, I always cut it myself). Except that there was something really creepy going on, and everything was delayed so those of us in the waiting area were invited to a nice dinner, then we were lead farther back into another parlor, and there were evil children doing mischeivous things, and my glasses got smashed, and the staff was clearly trying to trap us in some horrible scheme, and.....

Is my subconsciousness trying to tell me I need a trim?

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Icon 10 posted December 10, 2001 14:22            Edit/Delete Post 
I had an oddball dream last night, where I went to a crouded indoor
pool filled with marine life and sew water. There were some dangerous
creatures in there whick would blow a toxic gas cloud out of their mouth if you god too
close. Somehgrre along the line, I picked up and held Earthworm Jim (without
the suit), until the end of the dream. I also met a girl as well, and
she tagged along with me. I almost got in the pool, but decided to come back out,
We decided to sit at the edge of the pool. When I looked at the pool.
again it was empty, and had a raised concrete barrier in the middle of it.

A red SUV came out of nowhere and began driving around inside the pool
near the edge, I had to quiclky get my legs out of the way of the speeding SUV,
It drove around the pool, went up the steps, came around behind us , and
fell back into the pool. It landed on a rubber offce trashcan, and instread of
crushing it, bounced off, and landed upright in the pool. The SUV repeated this
one more time before I woke up.

Here's a diagram incase anyone's interested:

(fixed font)

| |
| ------------------ |
| | | |
Trash | | Barrier | |
can | | (filled in) | |
| | |________________| |
>>>>># inside pool | |
00 ^ |-|-|
^ SUV |-|-| <===steps leading into
^ pool
Me and the girl

outside pool

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Icon 5 posted December 16, 2001 21:38      Profile for BlueAntoid   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I used to have this recurring dream when I was younger. It first started with one dream, where I was in my parents' bedroom standing at the foot of their bed. Then, I saw a strange black triangle appear on the wall over the bed, and I was picked up and sucked into it. After that, I don't know exactly what happened, but it involved lots of swirling colors. I got the impression that I spent a long time there.

Then, later that dream came back. This time, it would start out as I'd be in my living room, and suddenly the TV would come on. On the screen there was a black triangle against a yellow background. Well, as soon as I saw this I was totally screwed. There was this powerful sucking force that would pull me toward the screen. I knew for a fact that inside that TV was not where I wanted to be, so I'd scream bloody murder and crawl as hard as I could toward the hallway that adjoined to that room. My mom was always there, trying to grab me, but she couldn't come past the hall for some reason. In any case, I could always just get to the hall before I was sucked up. This repeated itself a few times before finally one dream my mom finally grabbed me and whisked me up the stairs to my room. I was put into my bed all bundled up under the covers. I got two very strong impressions that moment - one, of intensely powerful love (yeah, that sounds like something out of a bad novel, but that's what I felt) and two, that I had been through some sort of incredibly draining, emotionally damaging experience - the kind people get post-traumatic stress syndrome from.
Way back then, the Emergency Broadcast System in my area used a black triangle on a yellow background during their tests. And always, inexplicably, I would scream my *** off every time it came on. My dad once said that I was so freaked out it was as if I had had a premonition of my own death. But, all that aside, I can't help but wonder what connection this might have to the alien abduction phenomenon. (Don't look at me that way; I can't help it, I'm a conspiracy nut.) Sightings of triangular black UFOs are often linked with abduction cases. Not to mention, I've always had this perverse interest in and dread of the UFO phenomenon. I don't know, maybe I'm over-analyzing this. I'm going to shut up and go to bed now.

"I can't believe I'm going to die at the hands of converging red blips." - Seamus Harper

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Icon 1 posted December 18, 2001 15:30            Edit/Delete Post 
A couple night ago, I had a dream that I was playing a new 3d Teenage Mutant
Minja Turtles game, which looked like a game you would see on the PS2 or
GameCube. the turtles started out in their "before mutation" form (but could speak),
and they gradualy made their way down to a storage room. Along the way,
they passed a turtles select screen, with small 3d "statues" of the turtles
in their mutated (regular) form. A yellow box framed the statues and moved back and forth. I could even see slight pixelation in the statues

By the time they got doen to the storage area, I was suddenly "in the game"
(it wasn't as dramatic as it sounds. I was viewing the area from a full 3rd person
prespective all along, and the "game" I was viewing turned into "reality" with
no real visible change). I was walking through this storage room, and a toy plastic robot pinned me up against the wall and started to interrogate me. It had a sensor at it's
neck which almost looked like a giant wall switch that told it to stop whenever it
bumped into an object. I walked away from that, and I began gathering up some real'y nice TNMT cards from a table,. They were laminated, and were made of some material that was not cardboard, and weighed quite a bit..The artwork was more like a
painting than a cartoon. I had to collect all of the cards before the robot did, or
the turtles would be captured. I left a card that featured one of the Rennosance
artists that thje turtles are named after, and the robot picked that one up instead.
I then "shifted" to the middle of the room,and Splinter materialised out of an "energy cloud" which was just made up of a bunch of tiny random objects. After saying a couple incomprehensable words, a group of kids and adults materialised out of nowhere,
and we went through a door which had lights shining on it from all sides from the wall.
We went into a concrete tunnel. One of the women in the group pulled a gun out and forced us to go through the tunnel.I didn't have any real fear, but I did say "uh oh"
when I saw that the exit at the end of the tunnel was barred. I saw a dark passage to the right of me and went through it. I looked back once at the woman with the gun, and
proceeded through the tunnel. the passage was supposed to lead to an abandoned
hospital, but there was a long opening on the left side,that led to an
underground swimming pool. There were 2 square pools, each with a different color of water, that was in a larger pool filled with clear water and lit up from the ceiling
(the pool looked bizzare, scince the colored water was under the clear). There
was a balcony looking over it that was covered with lights, and had a lighted door simaler to what I saw before. There was another passage on the opposite side of the room, that was lower than the one I was in, but had the same long opening. I didn't
know where it lead to. The room and the oppsite passaage walls were briwn brick.There were alot of people in the pool,and in the genera; area . I jumped into the pool for
a refreshing swim. When I got out, there was a long wide, odd shaped concrete staircase leading up to the passage I came from./Tnbe stares were 5 feet by 7 to 10 foot wide, and about 8 inches hight. I walked up these stairs,and leaned on the metal-pipe hand rail. After this, I woke up.

I felt very disappointed, because I really wanted to explore this
world. I could continue it in imagination, but it just dosen't feel the same.
I drew a map of the areas in this dream, and and write down some of
the details of what happened after I woke up.

I had another dream last night where I was given a huge pile of old toys
and electronics. I *finaly* found an Ominibot 2000 in the dream (for those
who don't know, it a fancy robot TOMY sold in the mid 80's). It was
much smaller and sleeker than a normal Omnibot 2000, and had a
3 1/2 inch diskette drive in place of the tape deck. The words "PC Omnobot 2000" or
something and "PC required" was printed on the robot. I thought it was odd,
but I continued searching for the remote before waking up.

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Icon 1 posted December 18, 2001 19:13      Profile for theJacob     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Do you know what dreams I like? The ones where you start over and "re-do" it from the beginning. For example, last night I had a dream where I somehow knew how to play the banjo and I joined a band and learned that they robbed houses to make ends meet. My job was to kill the guard dogs with this nasty gashing pole. After a few robberies, everyone whould be killed except me and the band leader, and the Yuuzhan Vong (from Star Wars novels) invaded and took him hostage. I had to rescue him and take him to some sort of magic portal, but he got killed before he could make it. I made it to the portal and started the dream over, with some changes. New charecters were added, the Yuuzhan Vong turned into cops, swimming pools sprang up in everyone's back yard, etc. If I kept repeating it, I might have turned it into an epic oscar-winning movie.


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Icon 5 posted December 18, 2001 20:30      Profile for BlueAntoid   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
Ah, if my dreams could only be that entertaining. *sigh*
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Icon 1 posted December 22, 2001 18:11            Edit/Delete Post 
I had a somewhat freaky dream last night where famiily members, including my long
desceaced father came over to my apartment for Christmas. The scene wasn't very
unusual, excapt that a kid appeared in the middle of the dream, and began asking about
the old west. While this was happening, the family gradualy "turned" into
4 old men dressed up in western garb, and shortly after that. an old time-sounding piano
rendition of "I wish I were in Dixie"(title?), complete with scratchy
audio began to play in the background from an unknown source.
The very freaky part about this dream was that changes wern't obvious
while they were happening,, other than family members would walk somewhere inside the
apartment that was out my sight, and one of these men would show up. Also, everything
had a dim, greyish appearence throughout the whole dream, and the only light in the
apartment was comming through the windows from the outside. I don't know why I had this
dream, or what some of the elements symbolised, but it was pretty bizzare

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Icon 1 posted December 22, 2001 20:22      Profile for Xanthine     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
I dreamed I was on duty, responding to a call in a very run-down part of NYC (which is weird because I don't volunteer anywhere near NYC). There were seven of us - also weird. We arrive on scene but there's no patient so we're all hanging out talking about dogs. This is weird because a) crews are usually no more than three and never seven, and b) none of the people in the dream were people I'd ever seen before. Then the situation got bad and one by one my crew started getting killed off...two got shot or stabbed, so we started hauling ass off scene, but instead of going for the ambulance we went down some weird alley and into an abandoned building. We ran up a flight of stairs. There was a landing with windows, then a hallway. One of us went running down the hall so fast no one could keep up with her. I was the closest behind her, doing my best, yelling for her to slow down, but she kept going faster. THen, I saw, rising behind a hunk of rubble (it was a very messy place) a hand with two fingers raised, like someone was asking for a couple seconds to speak. I decided that this was not good. She was already way ahead of me so I retreated - scene safety, y'know (but at this point that was kinda shot to hell) - and told the rest of the crew what I'd seen (they were still puffing up to the landing). We agreed that our runner was a lost cause by now and were standing at the landing thrying to figure out what to do when a mad man leaped out of nowhere and shoved another woman (who, in the dream was my best friend but was, once again, no one I'd ever seen before) out the window. We werw several stories up. She was dead. One of the remaining crew members, a man, grabbed the mad man and shoved him out the window after our partner. We knew she was dead - there was no way she could be alive, and then we saw her body float up to the window. I pulled her in through the broken glass and sat on the floor with her in my arms. The two remaining men sat by me. We knew it was all lost, and we probably wouldn't get out, and I was all shook up aabout abandoning the other woman who was running, but I also thought that there was nothing else I could've done...I woke up about ready to cry.

I have no idea where any of this came from. No one I knew, no friends of friends died on 9/11. I have yet to be at a scene that was truly unsafe. I guess this was just some end-of-semester brain crap that had to get out somehow. Pretty sick huh?

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- Tennesee Williams

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Icon 11 posted January 18, 2002 21:15      Profile for tekniklr   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post 
When I was little (probably about 8 or 9), I had a pretty freaky dream----

I was standing in my parents' room, holding my cat, and looking in the mirror for some reason. At some point I noticed in the mirror someone in a black cloak standing behind me in the far corner of the room (the grim reaper, I imagine). I turned around, startled, to see if it was really there- and saw nothing. I looked in the mirror again, and saw it apporaching me- I turned around again and saw nothing. I looked in the mirror a third time and saw that it had almost reached me- I turned around, and it was really there- right behind me. I turned to run, but as soon as I got into the hallway, the cat started struggling- like it was pushing against the air or something, and suddenly I could barely move- like I was being pushed back. Just as the figure in the black cloak reached out.... I woke up.

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