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» The Geek Culture Forums!   » News, Reviews, Views!   » Rants, Raves, Rumors!   » No live video coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote! :(

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Author Topic: No live video coverage of Steve Jobs' keynote! :(

Sir Snaggalot!
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Icon 9 posted January 10, 2005 08:08      Profile for Snaggy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Say it ain't so!!!


"According to sources, live webcast video streams of events such as Jobs' keynote presentations, on average, are costly and yield few benefits to Apple as a company."

Aw, that suks! It's obviously a direct attack on certain cartoonists who watch the keynote with Christmas morning glee and upload a keynote-related comic within hours. [Mad]

Oh well, luckily there will be live coverage via IRC. Nitrozac and I will be there, as will DigitalBill at the keynote, and RickMacMerc, and Leo Laporte too!

more info here...

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Icon 1 posted January 10, 2005 12:11      Profile for N9IWP     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I've usually have trouble with the 'cast anyway. I use one of the rumor sites (I think it is macrumors ) that has automatically updated every N seconds text summary.


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Icon 3 posted January 11, 2005 08:36      Profile for crazyarlo     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Yeah, you know you are a geek when you sit at lunch and anxiously await the next line of text someone is typing at Macworld! And, I do it EVERY TIME!!!! lol
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Sir Snaggalot!
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Icon 10 posted January 11, 2005 13:03      Profile for Snaggy   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
lol arlo [Smile]

Stream of the keynote is up!

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Icon 1 posted January 11, 2005 13:53      Profile for Rednivek     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Log file opened at: 1/11/05 11:35:36 AM
[11:34:27 AM:] ***: You have joined the channel
[11:37:35 AM:] Snaggy: 506 in the channel!
[11:37:49 AM:] RickMacMerc: yay!!
[11:38:01 AM:] RickMacMerc: ring those phones! ring those phones! ring those phones!
[11:40:38 AM:] Snaggy: Dial M for MacWorld
[11:41:30 AM:] * Snaggy waves to seven5
[11:41:36 AM:] RickMacMerc: the keynote is coming from inside the house!!!
[11:48:45 AM:] Snaggy: channel currently at 575 MacSouls.
[11:49:17 AM:] RickMacMerc: zowie
[11:50:12 AM:] Snaggy: Increasing power to life support. Slashnet reactor still stable.
[11:50:24 AM:] RickMacMerc: [Big Grin]
[11:50:28 AM:] Snaggy: 588
[11:51:08 AM:] RickMacMerc: almost time to let everyone know that this was just a clever way to bring everyone together for an Amway presentation
[11:52:15 AM:] Snaggy: and one more thing... get a propeller beanie at.... [Big Grin]
[11:52:21 AM:] RickMacMerc: BILL!!
[11:52:45 AM:] Snaggy: DigitalBill is in the building!
[11:53:19 AM:] RickMacMerc: what's the scoop, bill?
[11:53:20 AM:] Snaggy: with 604 others!
[11:53:33 AM:] RickMacMerc: grrr
[11:54:43 AM:] Snaggy: Bill, press the little keys in front of you. [Wink]
[11:56:54 AM:] Snaggy: Yay!
[11:57:28 AM:] DigitalBill:  greetings from the press-with-a-lower-case-p room!
[11:57:38 AM:] Snaggy: YAY!!!!
[11:58:12 AM:] KFI_Leo: I'm in the hall
[11:58:18 AM:] RickMacMerc: Leo!!
[11:58:23 AM:] Snaggy: Hey Leo!
[11:58:27 AM:] KFI_Leo: seeing a lot of media types
[11:58:39 AM:] KFI_Leo: sitting next to larry magid of cbs
[11:58:46 AM:] KFI_Leo: the competition!
[11:59:11 AM:] KFI_Leo: andy ihnatko wouldnt shake my hand
[11:59:15 AM:] KFI_Leo: he has a cold
[11:59:21 AM:] RickMacMerc: ah
[11:59:32 AM:] KFI_Leo: the cner folks are in the row in front of me
[11:59:33 AM:] RickMacMerc: he's supposed to be helping me with a tutorial
[11:59:39 AM:] KFI_Leo: rock music is blasting
[11:59:52 AM:] RickMacMerc: what's the mood like in the room(s)
[11:59:58 AM:] KFI_Leo: public is coming in filling the hall fast
[12:00:00 PM:] Snaggy: U2, or Britney?
[12:00:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: im off to the left by the tv cameras
[12:00:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: not the best seats
[12:00:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: brb im going top upload a picture
[12:00:55 PM:] Nitrozac: Greeetings!
[12:01:02 PM:] Snaggy: Hey Nitrozac!
[12:01:08 PM:] DigitalBill: KFI_Leo, if you can find MisterMarc he'll get you better seats
[12:01:13 PM:] Nitrozac: Hi Snaggy! Rick! Leo!
[12:01:22 PM:] RickMacMerc: Hi Nitrozac!
[12:01:36 PM:] DigitalBill: NITRO!
[12:01:41 PM:] Nitrozac: :-D
[12:02:15 PM:] RickMacMerc: Bill will be popping in and out for a while...seems to be having wireless issues in the press room
[12:02:43 PM:] Nitrozac: How is the excitement factor?
[12:02:48 PM:] DigitalBill: hopefully IN
[12:03:15 PM:] DigitalBill: They're playing U2 Vertigo
[12:03:56 PM:] Nitrozac: cool
[12:04:13 PM:] RickMacMerc: what! no "Love Shack"?
[12:04:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: im back
[12:04:29 PM:] DigitalBill: of course I'm in the media-not-hand-picked-by-apple-room
[12:04:50 PM:] DigitalBill: so I can't see what's up in the Big Show till they turn on the screeens
[12:05:00 PM:] DigitalBill: KFI_Leo, did you find Marc? he has a seat for you
[12:05:04 PM:] Nitrozac: Leo, are you in the Big Show?
[12:05:33 PM:] DigitalBill: video's up here
[12:05:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: cant tell you the playlist - this stuff is too young for me
[12:05:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve is late
[12:06:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: but the crowd is very excited and voluble
[12:06:10 PM:] RickMacMerc: fashionably late
[12:06:23 PM:] DigitalBill: they just showed Pogue on the video
[12:06:45 PM:] Snaggy: Steve probably couldn't decide what to wear. [Razz]
[12:06:53 PM:] Nitrozac: yay, Pogue!
[12:07:22 PM:] DigitalBill: looks like they're shooting this in High Def
[12:07:23 PM:] Nitrozac: yeah, which runners is he going to wear!!!
[12:07:35 PM:] DigitalBill: this could be better than being in the big room
[12:07:36 PM:] RickMacMerc: just got word from Jon that he'll be in in a little while
[12:07:47 PM:] RickMacMerc: he's busy prepping MacMerc.com for updates
[12:07:53 PM:] Nitrozac: I hope he shaves and trims those eyebrows for the occassion of HD
[12:08:00 PM:] DigitalBill: Black-eyed Peas - Lets get it started
[12:08:16 PM:] KFI_Leo: they've got a jib
[12:08:17 PM:] Snaggy: This is a public service announcement. 763 in the channel!
[12:08:19 PM:] RickMacMerc: who's iTunes playlist is this!?
[12:08:53 PM:] Nitrozac: what's a jib?
[12:08:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: theyre playing nelly
[12:08:57 PM:] DigitalBill: I think it's Jon Ives'
[12:09:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: lets get it started
[12:09:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: is that nely?
[12:09:14 PM:] DigitalBill: That's Black-Eyes Peas
[12:09:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing my ignorance
[12:09:20 PM:] RickMacMerc: indeed...let's
[12:09:30 PM:] DigitalBill: KFI_Leo, did you find MisterMarc?
[12:09:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: but i figure this is the song they play just before they "get staerted'
[12:10:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: sorry bout the spellingand punctuation in advance
[12:10:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: this is a tiny keyboard
[12:10:40 PM:] RickMacMerc: thumb typing
[12:10:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: and im typing with my thiumbs
[12:10:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: lights gpoing down
[12:10:56 PM:] DigitalBill: Leo, you should have done thumb excerccises
[12:10:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: crowd roaring
[12:11:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think were ready
[12:11:12 PM:] RickMacMerc: the party is starting!
[12:11:17 PM:] DigitalBill: apple copyright on screen
[12:11:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: fade music
[12:11:24 PM:] * Snaggy roars along
[12:11:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: geeks cheering
[12:11:30 PM:] DigitalBill: Steve arrives
[12:11:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve!
[12:11:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: long applause
[12:11:46 PM:] KFI_Leo: cameras flashing
[12:11:50 PM:] DigitalBill: he went with the white trainers
[12:11:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: hes talking
[12:11:55 PM:] Snaggy: WHoooT!
[12:12:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: a lot of firtsts he says
[12:12:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: hd projection
[12:12:08 PM:] DigitalBill: talking about HD projection
[12:12:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: updates first financials
[12:12:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: 101 apple stores
[12:12:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: 1 million visitors a week
[12:12:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: london store largest to date
[12:13:02 PM:] RickMacMerc: (side note) Jon has begun updating MacMerc.com
[12:13:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing pictures pf it
[12:13:05 PM:] Nitrozac: maybe they're bringing out an HD TV!
[12:13:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: very prety store
[12:13:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: second highsest grossing store now
[12:14:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: imac lsales...
[12:14:23 PM:] KFI_Leo: blah blah blah
[12:14:51 PM:] KFI_Leo: quoting mossberg
[12:15:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: pc mag 5 out of 5 for imac
[12:15:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: .window
[12:15:50 PM:] Nitrozac: aapl is down 42 cents
[12:15:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: os x news
[12:16:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: tiger...
[12:16:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: on shedlue to ship first half 2005
[12:16:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: dph
[12:16:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: not today i guess
[12:17:03 PM:] RickMacMerc: [Frown]
[12:17:06 PM:] Snaggy: currently 846 in the channel
[12:17:29 PM:] DigitalBill: sheesh
[12:17:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: he going to demo
[12:17:48 PM:] DigitalBill: Spotlight
[12:17:49 PM:] RickMacMerc: hi bill!
[12:17:58 PM:] DigitalBill: sorry kids
[12:18:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: spotlight
[12:18:11 PM:] DigitalBill: flakey wifi down in the basement
[12:18:30 PM:] Nitrozac: I still use Classic daily. heh
[12:19:06 PM:] DigitalBill: talking about Spotlight wannabees like Google
[12:19:22 PM:] DigitalBill: Far Nicer interface on spotlight
[12:19:24 PM:] RickMacMerc: poor Nitro
[12:19:44 PM:] Nitrozac: Nine is Fine!
[12:19:52 PM:] Nitrozac: till it crashes
[12:20:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: spotlight is "most important feature" of tiger
[12:20:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: demoing live now
[12:20:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: no blue screen yet
[12:20:46 PM:] KFI_Leo: instant search
[12:20:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks very slick very fast
[12:21:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: finding test in pdfs
[12:22:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: address book
[12:22:27 PM:] RickMacMerc: how's it look from the cheap seats, Bill?
[12:22:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: dont see office files
[12:22:44 PM:] RickMacMerc: is the crowd impressed?
[12:22:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: he is sarching 100000 images
[12:22:57 PM:] RickMacMerc: or are they anxious for "the good stuff"?
[12:22:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: in seconds
[12:23:16 PM:] KFI_Leo: got a bug
[12:23:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: picture froze
[12:23:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: switched to backup
[12:23:55 PM:] Nitrozac: oh dear
[12:23:55 PM:] Snaggy: not that there's anything wrong with bugs..
[12:23:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: this is what happened to gates
[12:24:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: but he hand it beter
[12:24:28 PM:] Nitrozac: Is he throwing around digital cameras in rage?!
[12:24:35 PM:] Snaggy: and hense the non-live keynote video
[12:24:50 PM:] RickMacMerc: very nice
[12:24:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: smart folders in finder and prefs
[12:25:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: based on spotlight
[12:25:21 PM:] Nitrozac: when's the girl in 80's shorts going to run in and throw a sledge hammer into the HD screens?
[12:25:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: pprefs have search
[12:25:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice for newbies
[12:25:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: itunes album art screensaver
[12:25:56 PM:] RickMacMerc: expect an article from Thurrott
[12:25:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: spotlight demo done
[12:26:14 PM:] * Snaggy claps politely
[12:26:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: iagre instant search is very important
[12:26:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: major mail upgrade in tiger
[12:26:40 PM:] * DigitalBill is back via gprs
[12:26:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: spotlight in it
[12:26:51 PM:] Nitrozac: Has anyone face painted in the crowd? that would be cool.
[12:27:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: back to canned demo
[12:27:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: photos in email slideshow button
[12:27:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: he has 10000 emails
[12:27:27 PM:] * Nitrozac holds breath for more family videos demos
[12:27:30 PM:] DigitalBill: all spam
[12:27:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: searches for soccer faster than i can type it
[12:27:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: presses slideshow button and sees all the attached soccer images
[12:27:50 PM:] Snaggy: some Spotlight techie will die later today, Death by Steve Yell.
[12:27:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: search becomes smart mailbox
[12:28:01 PM:] DigitalBill: anyone else notice how often he's saying "BOOM!"?
[12:28:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: much better than creating filters
[12:28:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: cool slode show feature
[12:28:23 PM:] Nitrozac: maybe he invested in that
[12:28:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: mail looks very nice
[12:28:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: one button save to iphoto
[12:29:05 PM:] DigitalBill: the new tiger "look" is pretty nice
[12:29:24 PM:] DigitalBill: a lot smoother and more integrated between toolbar and sidebar
[12:30:08 PM:] DigitalBill: Going into Quicktime 7
[12:30:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: quicktime 7
[12:30:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: 330 mililion downloads 98 percent to windows iusers
[12:30:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: surround sound
[12:30:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: hd playback
[12:30:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: mp4 fully complaint
[12:30:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: h264 codec
[12:30:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: new
[12:30:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: from mpeg group
[12:30:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: "best video codec in the world
[12:30:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: hddvd and bluray use it
[12:31:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: fully scalable
[12:31:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: playing hd movie on mac
[12:31:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: fast screen resizing
[12:31:42 PM:] RickMacMerc: LOL
[12:31:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: full size looks great
[12:31:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: coming off the hard drive
[12:32:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: very imprewssive
[12:32:19 PM:] DigitalBill: scales from cell to HD
[12:32:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: bit rate scales from cels to hd
[12:32:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: dashboard next
[12:32:33 PM:] DigitalBill: Dashboard
[12:32:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: the konfabulator ripoff
[12:32:55 PM:] DigitalBill: tsk tsk
[12:33:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing widgets
[12:33:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: calculkator
[12:33:06 PM:] DigitalBill: calculatoe
[12:33:10 PM:] DigitalBill: addressbook
[12:33:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: address book calendar
[12:33:12 PM:] DigitalBill: calendar
[12:33:15 PM:] DigitalBill: stickies
[12:33:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: stiockies
[12:33:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: itunes controler
[12:33:25 PM:] DigitalBill: converter
[12:33:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: unit convertr
[12:33:31 PM:] DigitalBill: disctionart
[12:33:34 PM:] KFI_Leo: dictionary and thesaurus
[12:33:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: stock tracker
[12:33:39 PM:] DigitalBill: dictionary
[12:33:49 PM:] DigitalBill: flight tracker
[12:33:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: flight tracker
[12:33:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: transalation
[12:33:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: yellow pagesa
[12:33:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: weather
[12:33:58 PM:] DigitalBill: yellow paes and weather
[12:34:08 PM:] Snaggy: Pr0n viewer?
[12:34:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks just like kon
[12:34:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: widget dock
[12:34:40 PM:] KFI_Leo: thats cool
[12:34:50 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice alpha efects
[12:35:02 PM:] DigitalBill: they've done a lot with the look of how it appears
[12:35:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: beautiful screen effect
[12:35:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: made joke about apple stock
[12:35:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: down today biut will go up after the keynote
[12:35:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: demoing translator to japanese
[12:35:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: the widget dock is new
[12:36:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: lives below system dock
[12:36:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: wodgets flip in keynote style
[12:36:48 PM:] DigitalBill: looking up sushi
[12:37:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: i hope youre getting this
[12:37:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: im flodded with system messages
[12:37:11 PM:] DigitalBill: weather has graphics
[12:37:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: i see my stuff going out tho
[12:37:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: so i hope theres not to much lag
[12:37:37 PM:] DigitalBill: I see you Leo... you're on fine
[12:37:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: weathewr widget has live weather efx
[12:37:54 PM:] DigitalBill: ebay widget
[12:37:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: ebay tracker
[12:37:59 PM:] DigitalBill: third party
[12:38:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: expose like widget hider
[12:38:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: very kon
[12:38:41 PM:] DigitalBill: BOOM! BOOM!
[12:38:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: now showing ichat
[12:38:47 PM:] DigitalBill: New iChat
[12:38:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: not automator!
[12:38:55 PM:] DigitalBill: 10 users in audio
[12:38:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think that is surprising
[12:39:13 PM:] DigitalBill: video up to 4 people with h264
[12:39:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: multi party video conf using h264
[12:39:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: really cool triptych effect
[12:39:28 PM:] DigitalBill: demo
[12:39:42 PM:] DigitalBill: multi users the windows angle
[12:39:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: chating with paris
[12:40:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: good connection
[12:40:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: phil schiller
[12:40:21 PM:] DigitalBill: window expands for second user
[12:40:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: in cupertino
[12:40:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: love the tryptich efect
[12:40:43 PM:] DigitalBill: adds 3rd user
[12:40:55 PM:] DigitalBill: goes full screen
[12:41:14 PM:] DigitalBill: refections of the virtual tabletop
[12:41:40 PM:] DigitalBill: Say Hi to Paris!
[12:42:05 PM:] DigitalBill: 200 new features in Tiger
[12:42:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: sent picture to blog
[12:42:14 PM:] DigitalBill: "1st half of this year"
[12:42:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: long before longhorn is slogan
[12:42:24 PM:] DigitalBill: "Long before Longhorn"
[12:42:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: now moving on to hd
[12:42:35 PM:] Snaggy: yeeee Hawww!
[12:42:38 PM:] DigitalBill: 2005 "The year of HD Video"
[12:42:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: "2005 year of hi def video"
[12:42:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: final cut hd
[12:43:00 PM:] DigitalBill: Final Cut Express HD
[12:43:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: intrpducing final cut express hd
[12:43:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: livetype
[12:43:10 PM:] DigitalBill: adds LiveType
[12:43:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: sound track
[12:43:14 PM:] DigitalBill: SoundTrack
[12:43:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: imovie iport
[12:43:27 PM:] DigitalBill: imports iMovie
[12:43:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: integrates witn Motion
[12:43:40 PM:] KFI_Leo: fcehd 299 avail in feb
[12:43:42 PM:] DigitalBill: $299 - February
[12:43:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: upgrade is 99
[12:43:48 PM:] DigitalBill: $99 upgrade from express
[12:44:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: ilife next
[12:44:11 PM:] DigitalBill: iLife
[12:44:16 PM:] KFI_Leo: leading the digital media revolution
[12:44:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: ilife 05
[12:44:24 PM:] DigitalBill: iLife 05
[12:44:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: completley new version
[12:44:35 PM:] DigitalBill: Major upgrades
[12:44:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: major revs for iphoto imovie idvd garage band
[12:44:49 PM:] DigitalBill: iPhoto first
[12:44:50 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing new iphoto
[12:44:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: better organizng and searching
[12:45:01 PM:] DigitalBill: better organizing and searching
[12:45:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: more formats
[12:45:04 PM:] DigitalBill: more formats
[12:45:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: better editing
[12:45:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: advanced slide shpownew boks and book designs
[12:45:23 PM:] DigitalBill: new books and designs
[12:45:31 PM:] Nitrozac: Echo echo echo
[12:45:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: interface is same
[12:45:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: adding folders and sub folders
[12:45:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: super faat search
[12:45:48 PM:] DigitalBill: folders
[12:45:52 PM:] DigitalBill: calendar view
[12:45:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: calendar view
[12:45:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: ala album
[12:46:09 PM:] DigitalBill: Mpeg4 movies
[12:46:10 PM:] KFI_Leo: mpeg4 movie support
[12:46:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: yay
[12:46:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: plays movies from my camera
[12:46:23 PM:] DigitalBill: RAW support
[12:46:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: raw support too!
[12:46:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: bult in
[12:46:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: very big
[12:46:57 PM:] DigitalBill: new edit view
[12:47:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: editing in oragnize
[12:47:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: editing dashboard
[12:47:06 PM:] DigitalBill: edit dashboard
[12:47:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: levels
[12:47:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: temperature
[12:47:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: histograms
[12:47:25 PM:] DigitalBill: brightness, contrast, levels etc
[12:47:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: rgb levels
[12:47:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: aaturation tint etc
[12:47:42 PM:] DigitalBill: JPEG & RAW
[12:47:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: works on jpweg and raw
[12:47:48 PM:] DigitalBill: new slideshows
[12:47:53 PM:] DigitalBill: Ken burns effect
[12:47:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: ken burns effect in slide shpws
[12:48:05 PM:] DigitalBill: demo iPhoto
[12:48:19 PM:] DigitalBill: 25000 photos
[12:48:38 PM:] Nitrozac: Holy! aapl is down $2!
[12:49:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: ive got blisters on me fingers
[12:49:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: hes setting up the slideshow
[12:49:42 PM:] DigitalBill: clicks on video
[12:49:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: not much clickety clack in the hall rright now
[12:49:46 PM:] DigitalBill: opens in quicktime
[12:49:52 PM:] Nitrozac: I wonder why the stock price nose dived?
[12:49:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve must notice
[12:50:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: hesa moving on
[12:50:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: im channeling jar jar
[12:50:24 PM:] DigitalBill: lol
[12:50:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: love the levels in editing tho
[12:50:36 PM:] DigitalBill: showing dashboard on a raw imahe
[12:50:57 PM:] DigitalBill: sharpening & exposure
[12:51:10 PM:] DigitalBill: working directly on the histogram
[12:51:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: set mgg
[12:51:37 PM:] DigitalBill: straighten
[12:51:48 PM:] DigitalBill: shows a grid
[12:51:54 PM:] DigitalBill: and again, BOOM!
[12:52:08 PM:] DigitalBill: Slideshow
[12:52:24 PM:] DigitalBill: fit to music length, ken burns effect
[12:52:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: straighten image nice
[12:52:38 PM:] KFI_Leo: love the slide show
[12:52:40 PM:] DigitalBill: demo show
[12:52:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice effewcts
[12:52:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: custom timing to match music
[12:52:57 PM:] DigitalBill: nice slideshow
[12:53:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: very pro results
[12:53:11 PM:] DigitalBill: new book disgn
[12:53:14 PM:] * Nitrozac watches appl free dive
[12:53:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: many more book designs
[12:53:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: double sided printing now
[12:54:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: album has that on pc
[12:54:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice interface though
[12:54:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: must have changed photo book provider
[12:54:34 PM:] RickMacMerc: ah that's better, thanks Bill
[12:54:55 PM:] DigitalBill: np
[12:55:00 PM:] DigitalBill: editing in book mode
[12:55:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: magid says this foreplay
[12:55:17 PM:] RickMacMerc: [Big Grin]
[12:55:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: nobody is here to see this he says
[12:55:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: lukewarm applause
[12:56:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: price of prints is now 19 cents
[12:57:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: in addition to hardcover
[12:57:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: now softcover
[12:57:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: smaller 8x6soft
[12:57:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: pocket ook too
[12:57:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: 3.5x2.5
[12:57:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: much cheaper now
[12:57:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: 20 for softcover
[12:57:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: pocket boom is 399
[12:58:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: available wolrdwode
[12:58:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: imovie
[12:58:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: faster
[12:58:24 PM:] DigitalBill: new imovie
[12:58:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: more transistions and efx
[12:58:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: mp4 video editing
[12:58:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: magic imovie builds film direct from camcorder
[12:58:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: with transitions and effect
[12:59:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: imovie supports hd
[12:59:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: edit hd
[12:59:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: 720p and 1080i
[1:00:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: need to buy an hd camcorder
[1:01:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing hd imovie of a hawaiin weddong now

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[1:01:10 PM:] KFI_Leo: lots of slo mo
[1:01:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: must have had lots of lights at that wedding
[1:01:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: im still surprised he didnt show automator
[1:01:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: sal must be bumed
[1:02:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: hope theyre not holding it back
[1:02:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: year of hd
[1:02:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing new hi def camcorcroders
[1:02:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing sony $35000
[1:02:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: big ad for sony
[1:03:16 PM:] KFI_Leo: introducing president of sony
[1:03:23 PM:] KFI_Leo: kunitake ando
[1:03:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: one man standing o
[1:03:54 PM:] DigitalBill: $3499
[1:04:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: ando says exciting to see re steve jobs
[1:04:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: strange bedfellows here
[1:04:16 PM:] DigitalBill: steve is recording from the side!
[1:04:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: but it makes sense
[1:04:34 PM:] KFI_Leo: who would buy hd camcorder without support
[1:05:03 PM:] Nitrozac: Is Sony pres wearing a suit?
[1:05:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: "revolutionize home video"
[1:05:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: sony strategy to 'create hd world'
[1:05:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: now i get it
[1:06:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: "quality software is the glue'
[1:06:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: 'strategically very important for sony to work with apple on sfotware... just do THAT on mac platform"
[1:06:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: laffs
[1:07:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: remember sony apple merger rumors
[1:07:22 PM:] RickMacMerc: mmhmm
[1:07:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: looking forward to smaller hd cameras
[1:07:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: for lowr rpice
[1:07:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: end of renarks
[1:08:06 PM:] DigitalBill: they seem to get along famously
[1:08:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: wait
[1:08:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: saying visit our booth
[1:08:21 PM:] DigitalBill: one more thing
[1:08:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: now done
[1:08:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve
[1:09:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: "who knows maybe well work on cpmputers too"
[1:09:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: one step sdvd creqation with idvd
[1:09:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: newbthemes
[1:09:37 PM:] DigitalBill: iDvd
[1:09:40 PM:] DigitalBill: new themes
[1:09:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: w're one hour in
[1:10:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: no new hardwqre annoubncements eyt
[1:10:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: still on ilife 2005
[1:10:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing idvd
[1:10:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: much easier menu creation
[1:10:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: really is the best authoring osoftware now
[1:11:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: full motion menus with your phtos movies and music
[1:11:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: still has the applke bug tho
[1:11:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: but much more flexible
[1:11:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: alpha efects
[1:12:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: baby mobile theme
[1:12:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: applause
[1:12:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: movies and photos rotating
[1:12:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: nioce themes
[1:12:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: done with idvd
[1:13:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: garage band
[1:13:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: new jam pack
[1:13:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: orchesttral instruments
[1:13:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: best paino weve ever shipped
[1:13:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: 8 track recording
[1:13:57 PM:] DigitalBill: 8 track recording
[1:14:02 PM:] DigitalBill: real time music notation
[1:14:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: real time music notation from logic
[1:14:10 PM:] DigitalBill: picth & time fixing
[1:15:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: pitch and timing fix
[1:15:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: recorded tracks folow
[1:15:14 PM:] DigitalBill: recorded track key changes
[1:15:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: loop maker
[1:15:14 PM:] DigitalBill: vocal transformer
[1:15:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: vocal transformer
[1:15:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: john mayer back to demo
[1:15:14 PM:] DigitalBill: John Mayer
[1:15:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: garage band is a wonderland
[1:15:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: music notation demo
[1:15:15 PM:] DigitalBill: Demo music Notation
[1:15:17 PM:] DigitalBill: lol
[1:15:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: pogues probaly all over this
[1:15:30 PM:] DigitalBill: freaking awesome
[1:15:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: its transcribing as he plays
[1:15:42 PM:] DigitalBill: notation in real time
[1:15:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like it did ok
[1:15:58 PM:] DigitalBill: "I didn't win any grammys for playing the piano"
[1:16:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: playing it back
[1:16:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve is adding arpeggios
[1:16:10 PM:] DigitalBill: editing in the notation
[1:16:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: "you can really screw up music this way"
[1:16:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: live multitrack recording
[1:16:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: guitar bass voice in real time
[1:16:57 PM:] DigitalBill: recording guitar & voice
[1:17:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: brum trck
[1:17:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: two vocals
[1:17:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: playing back gb tracks while recording four live trax
[1:17:31 PM:] DigitalBill: very cool
[1:17:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: the playback cursor is not showing any strain
[1:18:04 PM:] DigitalBill: very smooth
[1:18:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: sounds pretty good
[1:18:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: like a full band
[1:18:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: four tracks of rhythmn playback
[1:18:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: playback
[1:19:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: playback sound exaclty the saame
[1:19:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: all done
[1:19:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice demo
[1:20:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: theres a quick 10g
[1:20:08 PM:] DigitalBill: guess they don't need to fix his vocals
[1:20:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: for mayer
[1:20:23 PM:] KFI_Leo: gb is very much improved
[1:20:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: truly amazing
[1:20:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: no upgrade for itunes
[1:20:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: talking about seamless intgration
[1:20:50 PM:] DigitalBill: remining that all apps are integrated
[1:20:59 PM:] DigitalBill: $79
[1:21:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: priced at 79 us
[1:21:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: on sale jan22
[1:21:06 PM:] DigitalBill: January 22
[1:21:15 PM:] DigitalBill: Free on all new macs
[1:21:16 PM:] KFI_Leo: free with all new macs
[1:21:26 PM:] DigitalBill: next big thing
[1:21:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: iwork
[1:21:32 PM:] DigitalBill: iWork
[1:21:43 PM:] DigitalBill: successor to Appleworld
[1:21:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: succesor to appleworks
[1:21:51 PM:] DigitalBill: works
[1:22:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: iworks will take advantage of os x and ilife
[1:22:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: ground up
[1:22:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: keynote 2
[1:22:13 PM:] DigitalBill: iWork from the ground up for os x and ilife
[1:22:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: major upgrade
[1:22:20 PM:] DigitalBill: Keybote 2
[1:22:23 PM:] KFI_Leo: 10 new themes
[1:22:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: animated text
[1:22:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: animated buklds
[1:22:32 PM:] DigitalBill: animated builds
[1:22:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: presenter display
[1:22:40 PM:] KFI_Leo: kiosk
[1:22:41 PM:] DigitalBill: kiosk mode
[1:22:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: hes been using keynote 2 all along
[1:23:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: presenter display finally
[1:23:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: automated in slide animation
[1:23:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing themes
[1:23:45 PM:] DigitalBill: showing themes
[1:23:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: book watercolor
[1:24:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: scrapbook
[1:24:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: auotmatic shawdowing for photos
[1:24:21 PM:] DigitalBill: charts & graphs
[1:24:23 PM:] DigitalBill: wheeeee
[1:24:25 PM:] DigitalBill: [Wink]
[1:24:36 PM:] DigitalBill: steve's using
[1:24:46 PM:] KFI_Leo: flash and pdf quicktime output
[1:24:51 PM:] KFI_Leo: new app called pages
[1:24:54 PM:] DigitalBill: Pages new app
[1:24:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: word processing with style
[1:25:04 PM:] DigitalBill: word proicessing with style
[1:25:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: letters newsletters
[1:25:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: dtp
[1:25:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: columns
[1:25:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: footnotes
[1:25:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: toc
[1:25:21 PM:] DigitalBill: long list of feature support
[1:25:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: tables and charts
[1:25:28 PM:] DigitalBill: more templates
[1:25:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: 40 templates
[1:25:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: integrated with ilife
[1:26:00 PM:] DigitalBill: showing newsletter template
[1:26:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: letter and wnvelops
[1:26:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice templates
[1:26:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: real estate
[1:26:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: newsletter
[1:26:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: menu
[1:26:34 PM:] KFI_Leo: brochurre
[1:26:37 PM:] DigitalBill: menu
[1:26:42 PM:] DigitalBill: brochure
[1:26:46 PM:] KFI_Leo: phil schiller to demo pages
[1:26:50 PM:] DigitalBill: Phil "Demo Doll" Schiller to demo
[1:27:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: guess he was backstage for the ichat demo
[1:27:13 PM:] * Snaggy shrills for Schiller!
[1:27:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: template gallery like keynote on start
[1:27:41 PM:] DigitalBill: showing interface to templates
[1:27:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: demoing family newsleter
[1:27:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: placeholder text and graphics
[1:28:04 PM:] DigitalBill: interface looks a lot like Keynote
[1:28:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: very nice design
[1:28:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: fonts layout graphics
[1:28:28 PM:] DigitalBill: media button to access iphoto
[1:28:31 PM:] KFI_Leo: press media button to browse iphoto library
[1:28:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: drag and drop into page
[1:28:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: auto flow text
[1:28:49 PM:] DigitalBill: drag from library to page
[1:28:56 PM:] DigitalBill: resizes & rotates
[1:29:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: alpha channel shawdowing
[1:29:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: alignment guides as in keynote
[1:29:18 PM:] DigitalBill: alignement guides like keynote
[1:29:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: nice sizing and flow
[1:29:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: master guides in template ala keynote
[1:29:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: multiple page sytles in each template
[1:30:04 PM:] DigitalBill: adding a page is like adding a slide in Keynote
[1:30:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: does for wp what keynote did for rpesentations
[1:30:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like cocoa
[1:30:38 PM:] DigitalBill: This is slick
[1:30:40 PM:] KFI_Leo: instant columnation
[1:30:51 PM:] KFI_Leo: 2 up view
[1:31:06 PM:] KFI_Leo: done
[1:31:11 PM:] DigitalBill: phil exits
[1:31:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: scheduled end time now
[1:31:22 PM:] KFI_Leo: but lots more to say
[1:31:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: i hope
[1:31:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: wheres the hardware?
[1:31:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: appleworks word and pdf compatible
[1:31:57 PM:] DigitalBill: 2 apps comprise Work
[1:32:02 PM:] DigitalBill: $79
[1:32:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: iZwork is 79 available jan 22
[1:32:06 PM:] DigitalBill: January 22
[1:32:16 PM:] DigitalBill: long pause
[1:32:19 PM:] * Snaggy prays for a few one more things
[1:32:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: stripped down mac that more affordsble
[1:32:34 PM:] Snaggy: :-D
[1:32:38 PM:] KFI_Leo: xserve is one he says
[1:32:44 PM:] DigitalBill: shoing VT's xserve array as stripped down
[1:32:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: but not what they have in mind
[1:32:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: headless mac
[1:32:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: mac mini
[1:32:59 PM:] RickMacMerc: c'mon Steve
[1:32:59 PM:] DigitalBill: Mac mini
[1:33:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: thats the name
[1:33:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: Mac mini
[1:33:18 PM:] KFI_Leo: like the ipod mini
[1:33:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like the ihome
[1:33:26 PM:] RickMacMerc: looks like?
[1:33:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: exactly
[1:33:29 PM:] DigitalBill: size of a cd
[1:33:34 PM:] KFI_Leo: box with drive
[1:33:36 PM:] DigitalBill: rounded corners
[1:33:46 PM:] DigitalBill: dvi & vga
[1:33:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: usb2 firewire modem dvi ethernet
[1:33:53 PM:] Nitrozac: sounds adorable
[1:33:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: vga too
[1:33:55 PM:] DigitalBill: FW, USB2
[1:33:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: very tiny
[1:33:57 PM:] RickMacMerc: YAY!
[1:34:02 PM:] DigitalBill: 1/2 height of iPodf mini
[1:34:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: aize of portable hard drive
[1:34:13 PM:] DigitalBill: wow is this thing small
[1:34:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: very very cool
[1:34:27 PM:] DigitalBill: BYODKM
[1:34:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: byodkm
[1:34:41 PM:] DigitalBill: Bring your won Display Keyboard & mouse
[1:34:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: bring your own display keyboard and muse
[1:34:51 PM:] KFI_Leo: trally tiny
[1:35:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: hok up to any industry standard kvm
[1:35:27 PM:] DigitalBill: ethernet modem, display
[1:35:29 PM:] DigitalBill: Panther
[1:35:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: headphone jackcomes with panther and ilife
[1:35:35 PM:] DigitalBill: iLife 05
[1:35:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: price...
[1:35:57 PM:] DigitalBill: 2 models
[1:35:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: 49
[1:36:02 PM:] DigitalBill: $499
[1:36:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: 1,25 ghz g4
[1:36:09 PM:] DigitalBill: 1.25 gh G4
[1:36:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: 256 ram
[1:36:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: 40gb
[1:36:19 PM:] DigitalBill: $599
[1:36:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: 80 gb and faster proc 599
[1:36:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: this will be hugmost afforable mac ever
[1:36:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: avail jan 22
[1:36:44 PM:] DigitalBill: available January 22
[1:36:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: look at the box
[1:36:56 PM:] Snaggy: sweet :-)
[1:36:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: its lunchbox sized
[1:37:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: woo hoo
[1:37:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: just right
[1:37:13 PM:] DigitalBill: what's next?
[1:37:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: itunes update
[1:37:20 PM:] DigitalBill: itunes update
[1:37:34 PM:] DigitalBill: 230 million songs
[1:37:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: itunes has sold 230,000,000 songs
[1:37:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: 1.25 million per hay
[1:37:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: 500 million per yer
[1:38:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: 70 percent market share
[1:38:02 PM:] DigitalBill: 70% market share
[1:38:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: 15 countries
[1:38:19 PM:] DigitalBill: 15 countries
[1:38:25 PM:] KFI_Leo: 70 of global market
[1:38:29 PM:] DigitalBill: 70% of global market covered
[1:38:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: itms prepaid cards sold 1 million units
[1:38:47 PM:] DigitalBill: 1 million iTunes giftcards
[1:38:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: itunes essentials retooled
[1:39:01 PM:] DigitalBill: new iTunes essentials
[1:39:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: key to sales must be browssable imo
[1:39:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: ipod
[1:39:36 PM:] DigitalBill: moving on to iPod
[1:39:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: dramatic pause
[1:39:51 PM:] * Snaggy starts tearing up in glee
[1:39:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: 733,000 sold in holiday quarter
[1:40:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: 1003
[1:40:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: 4.5 million in 2004 holiday quarter
[1:40:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: 500 percent growth
[1:40:33 PM:] DigitalBill: 500% growth
[1:40:48 PM:] DigitalBill: 10million ipods to date
[1:40:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: 10 million total sold
[1:40:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: 80 percent in 2004
[1:40:54 PM:] DigitalBill: 8million in 2004
[1:41:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: 10 millionth ipod
[1:41:10 PM:] DigitalBill: 10 millionth iPod
[1:41:10 PM:] KFI_Leo: steve has it
[1:41:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: made 12.16.004
[1:41:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: 3 or amazons top five ce products
[1:41:47 PM:] DigitalBill: ipod top 3 of amazon's top 5 holiday items
[1:42:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: 400 accessories
[1:42:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: cars
[1:42:21 PM:] * Nitrozac watches appl recover
[1:42:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: ipod in car connections
[1:42:30 PM:] Nitrozac: heh, yeah
[1:42:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: bmw sold out of theirs
[1:42:46 PM:] Nitrozac: that's what the Missions do, I guess
[1:42:50 PM:] KFI_Leo: nextgen out this year
[1:43:02 PM:] DigitalBill: Mercedes
[1:43:05 PM:] DigitalBill: Nissan
[1:43:09 PM:] DigitalBill: Volvo
[1:43:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: in 2p005 mercedes nissan volvo scion
[1:43:09 PM:] DigitalBill: Scion
[1:43:32 PM:] KFI_Leo: alfa and ferrari too
[1:43:35 PM:] DigitalBill: Alpha Romeo & Ferrari
[1:43:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: mercedes has two cars on show floor
[1:43:49 PM:] RickMacMerc: what about Saturn? did they say anything about Saturn?
[1:43:53 PM:] DigitalBill: mercedes cars on show floor
[1:44:01 PM:] DigitalBill: no saturn
[1:44:05 PM:] RickMacMerc: [Frown]
[1:44:05 PM:] KFI_Leo: slk roadster and cls
[1:44:10 PM:] DigitalBill: sorry
[1:44:19 PM:] DigitalBill: Cell phonmes
[1:44:20 PM:] Gullie: guys: the +u mode will will not send out a list of all users to new clients
[1:44:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: cellphones
[1:45:29 PM:] Gullie: which I just set
[1:45:29 PM:] DigitalBill: Motorola
[1:45:29 PM:] Gullie: clients were disconnecting because the servers can't cope with sending out that much names
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: moto phones with itunes plaeyer on it
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: this spring
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: cmon steve
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: theres more right?
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: pause
[1:45:29 PM:] DigitalBill: AND????
[1:45:29 PM:] KFI_Leo: one more thing...
[1:45:32 PM:] Gullie: to all ops: in case of problems, please msg an IRC operator immediately
[1:45:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: here we go
[1:46:19 PM:] DigitalBill: ipod at 65%
[1:46:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: mini is eating flash market share
[1:46:38 PM:] KFI_Leo: 62 perc to 29 perc
[1:46:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: mini worked to eat flash market share
[1:46:52 PM:] DigitalBill: wants the flash market too
[1:46:54 PM:] DigitalBill: it's a zoo
[1:46:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: so apple wantts to go after the remaining flash market share
[1:47:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: the market is a zoo
[1:47:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: fragmented
[1:47:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: products all the same
[1:47:24 PM:] DigitalBill: tortured user interface
[1:47:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: dissing flash players
[1:47:32 PM:] Nitrozac: this is getting exciting
[1:47:39 PM:] Snaggy: :-D
[1:47:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: tortured ui. small display. aaa batterirds
[1:48:08 PM:] KFI_Leo: want to make something realy great
[1:48:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: even easoier to use than ippod
[1:48:18 PM:] * Snaggy Shuffles arounds
[1:48:23 PM:] RickMacMerc: [Big Grin]
[1:48:33 PM:] KFI_Leo: had to come up with a new original idea
[1:48:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: ipod usrs use shuffle
[1:48:59 PM:] DigitalBill: Shuffle
[1:49:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: flash player based on shuffle
[1:49:17 PM:] DigitalBill: iPod Shuffle
[1:49:19 PM:] KFI_Leo: ipod shuffle
[1:49:24 PM:] Nitrozac: yay!
[1:49:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: tiny
[1:49:28 PM:] DigitalBill: tiny
[1:49:35 PM:] DigitalBill: clickwheel
[1:49:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like remote control for ipod
[1:49:42 PM:] DigitalBill: smaller than trident
[1:49:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: smalled than a pack of gum
[1:49:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: under 1 oz
[1:49:56 PM:] DigitalBill: weighs like 4 quarterds
[1:49:59 PM:] KFI_Leo: click wheel
[1:50:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: no display
[1:50:07 PM:] DigitalBill: play/pause in middle
[1:50:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: play pause vol prev next
[1:50:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: thats it
[1:50:20 PM:] DigitalBill: previous/next, volume up/down
[1:50:27 PM:] KFI_Leo: always in ahuffle
[1:50:38 PM:] KFI_Leo: or playkist in otorder
[1:50:41 PM:] DigitalBill: swicth to playlist
[1:50:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: button in back
[1:50:48 PM:] DigitalBill: cap on bottom
[1:50:48 PM:] RickMacMerc: great for podcasts!
[1:50:50 PM:] Snaggy: oh thank Jobs!
[1:50:51 PM:] KFI_Leo: usb conectore built in
[1:50:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: 12 hour rechargeable
[1:50:55 PM:] DigitalBill: USB connecor
[1:51:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: pc or mac
[1:51:04 PM:] KFI_Leo: usb 2
[1:51:05 PM:] DigitalBill: rechargable battery
[1:51:10 PM:] KFI_Leo: lanyard suplied
[1:51:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: white
[1:51:40 PM:] DigitalBill: lifestyle pics
[1:51:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: like it bill?
[1:52:03 PM:] DigitalBill: so far, yea
[1:52:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: opok lets see size and price
[1:52:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: autofill feature in itunes
[1:52:39 PM:] RickMacMerc: autofill does what?
[1:52:40 PM:] DigitalBill: new itunes functiuon : Autofill
[1:52:43 PM:] KFI_Leo: automatically puts random songs on shuffle
[1:52:48 PM:] DigitalBill: builds a playlist for the iPod Shuffle
[1:52:53 PM:] RickMacMerc: ah
[1:52:59 PM:] DigitalBill: picks songs
[1:53:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: market is clearly for existing ippod owners
[1:53:13 PM:] KFI_Leo: can use as disk too
[1:53:17 PM:] DigitalBill: enable disk use on shuffle
[1:53:39 PM:] DigitalBill: 256MB most popular
[1:53:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like it will be big mem
[1:53:42 PM:] DigitalBill: at about $149
[1:53:44 PM:] KFI_Leo: two models
[1:53:46 PM:] DigitalBill: 2 models
[1:53:47 PM:] KFI_Leo: 512 mb
[1:53:48 PM:] KFI_Leo: and
[1:53:52 PM:] DigitalBill: 512mb/120 somgs
[1:53:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: 99 for 512 mb
[1:53:59 PM:] DigitalBill: $99!!!!!!!!
[1:54:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: wow
[1:54:05 PM:] RickMacMerc: niiiice
[1:54:09 PM:] DigitalBill: whoa
[1:54:15 PM:] Snaggy: omg
[1:54:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: 1gb for 149
[1:54:22 PM:] DigitalBill: We're really serious about this
[1:54:26 PM:] Nitrozac: heh
[1:54:33 PM:] DigitalBill: 1GB for $149
[1:54:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: shiping today
[1:54:40 PM:] DigitalBill: "We're really serious about this"
[1:54:50 PM:] DigitalBill: shipping today
[1:54:54 PM:] DigitalBill: accessories
[1:54:57 PM:] Nitrozac: sweet
[1:55:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: this means total dominance forapple
[1:55:06 PM:] * Snaggy just spends 149 :-)
[1:55:11 PM:] KFI_Leo: armband avail
[1:55:11 PM:] DigitalBill: armband
[1:55:12 PM:] KFI_Leo: dock
[1:55:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: sports case
[1:55:24 PM:] DigitalBill: dock
[1:55:34 PM:] DigitalBill: sports case to protect
[1:55:34 PM:] DigitalBill: battery extender
[1:55:38 PM:] KFI_Leo: battery extender to get 20 more hours
[1:55:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: all 29 each
[1:55:49 PM:] DigitalBill: $29 each
[1:55:50 PM:] KFI_Leo: avail next 4 wks
[1:55:51 PM:] DigitalBill: in next 4 weeks
[1:56:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: total pod world domination
[1:56:35 PM:] Nitrozac: suddenly I NEED it
[1:56:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: showing new tv ad
[1:56:43 PM:] DigitalBill: new TV ad
[1:57:08 PM:] DigitalBill: the iPod will now rule the world
[1:57:17 PM:] DigitalBill: ad has dancing shadow peoples
[1:57:23 PM:] RickMacMerc: no!
[1:57:30 PM:] RickMacMerc: never would have predicted that
[1:57:45 PM:] KFI_Leo: all done?
[1:57:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: apple store has em
[1:58:00 PM:] KFI_Leo: no pb revs
[1:58:25 PM:] DigitalBill: no more hardware?
[1:58:25 PM:] DigitalBill: one more one more thing???
[1:58:36 PM:] * Nitrozac gasps
[1:58:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think hes done
[1:58:53 PM:] RickMacMerc: I'd just like to mention, we have over 1000 people watching this IRC
[1:59:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: wow
[1:59:18 PM:] RickMacMerc: get out your lighters boys!!
[1:59:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: we must have slaughtered slashnet
[1:59:43 PM:] DigitalBill: WOZ
[1:59:45 PM:] * Nitrozac taps a bottle on the table
[1:59:52 PM:] DigitalBill: on camera
[1:59:58 PM:] Nitrozac: Woz?!
[2:00:00 PM:] DigitalBill: treat to end the preso
[2:00:00 PM:] RickMacMerc: no way
[2:00:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: jobs thanking employes and families
[2:00:03 PM:] Snaggy: yay Woz!
[2:00:12 PM:] * Nitrozac groans
[2:00:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: introducint mayer
[2:00:15 PM:] DigitalBill: in the audience
[2:00:21 PM:] DigitalBill: John Mayer
[2:00:39 PM:] DigitalBill: Leo, we need to meet after this!
[2:00:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: solo with guitar and cheesy blue lights
[2:01:08 PM:] Snaggy: Love song for a Keynote
[2:01:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: sorry purple
[2:01:34 PM:] Nitrozac: that's good, I can live with that. [Smile]
[2:01:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: how ild is this kid?
[2:02:00 PM:] DigitalBill: mid 20's I thhink
[2:02:01 PM:] RickMacMerc: Thanks everybody
[2:02:02 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think everyone in the audience should get an ipod shuffle with this song on it
[2:02:03 PM:] Snaggy: apple.com is updated folks!
[2:02:05 PM:] Nitrozac: oh poo, aapl is down $350
[2:02:06 PM:] RickMacMerc: voiced and unvoiced
[2:02:14 PM:] Nitrozac: I mean, 3.5
[2:02:21 PM:] KFI_Leo: buy aapl
[2:02:23 PM:] RickMacMerc: no freebies?
[2:02:28 PM:] DigitalBill: Nitrozac, it will rebound
[2:02:37 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think the shuffle is a killer product
[2:02:42 PM:] * Nitrozac bursts into cold sweat
[2:02:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: no one can compete
[2:02:47 PM:] DigitalBill: when they realize that Apple will now rule the MP3 player world
[2:02:54 PM:] KFI_Leo: it puts the music store in total command
[2:02:55 PM:] Nitrozac: it's going down more
[2:02:57 PM:] RickMacMerc: I'd like to say while we still have over 900 people watching, Bill Palmer was dead wrong about everything
[2:03:01 PM:] KFI_Leo: they needed a cheap player
[2:03:15 PM:] Nitrozac: good time to buy, definitely
[2:03:24 PM:] KFI_Leo: looks like think secret got it mostly right
[2:03:28 PM:] DigitalBill: the $99 price point is it
[2:03:31 PM:] RickMacMerc: the shuffle and the iMac mini are up on the Apple.com now
[2:03:32 PM:] Snaggy: Shuffle is an insanely great price :-D
[2:03:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: although everyone missed in the Mac mini form factor
[2:03:43 PM:] Nitrozac: -$4!
[2:03:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: thats really quiote compelling
[2:03:55 PM:] RickMacMerc: odd that there was no demo of the iMac mini
[2:03:57 PM:] KFI_Leo: even as a media server
[2:04:09 PM:] KFI_Leo: put 250gb in it
[2:04:26 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think its a very well placed product
[2:04:33 PM:] Nitrozac: oh dear, what have I started!! [Razz]
[2:04:36 PM:] KFI_Leo: wait til you see it
[2:04:36 PM:] RickMacMerc: should be hot
[2:04:38 PM:] DigitalBill: house server
[2:04:42 PM:] DigitalBill: headless
[2:04:47 PM:] RickMacMerc: seen it on Apple.com now
[2:04:50 PM:] KFI_Leo: ill blog a picture as soon as i get to the floor
[2:04:53 PM:] KFI_Leo: leaving now
[2:04:58 PM:] RickMacMerc: k, Leo
[2:05:00 PM:] RickMacMerc: thanks
[2:05:03 PM:] Snaggy: bye leo, thanks!
[2:05:08 PM:] DigitalBill: Leo, call me!
[2:05:24 PM:] RickMacMerc: and now the mass exodus
[2:05:45 PM:] Nitrozac: bye Leo, thanks!
[2:06:45 PM:] Snaggy: Thanks DB and Rick for doing this too.. .what great coverage. [Smile]
[2:06:53 PM:] Nitrozac: Really fun!
[2:07:18 PM:] Nitrozac: what's the crowd reaction?
[2:07:22 PM:] RickMacMerc: thanks everyone for making it great
[2:07:24 PM:] Snaggy: "Smaller than a pack of gum and much more fun™"
[2:07:31 PM:] RickMacMerc: dare I say...insanely great?
[2:07:35 PM:] KFI_Leo: 0leaving the hall now
[2:07:49 PM:] KFI_Leo: general feeling is very positive
[2:07:54 PM:] Nitrozac: are they happy? depressed?
[2:07:57 PM:] Nitrozac: ok, cool
[2:08:11 PM:] Nitrozac: can you tell I have an anxiety disorder? :-p
[2:08:14 PM:] KFI_Leo: i think apples consumer strategy is spot on
[2:08:17 PM:] Snaggy: they must be in distortion field heaven
[2:08:40 PM:] KFI_Leo: everybody is heading to the apple store
[2:09:28 PM:] KFI_Leo: ill kepep thos open
[2:09:32 PM:] RickMacMerc: gonna be a stampede
[2:10:24 PM:] RickMacMerc: I guess upgrading to a dedicated server for the day was worth it
[2:11:55 PM:] KFI_Leo: we're all crossing the streetto the expo hall now
[2:12:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: except for those streaming over to the Apple Store
[2:12:18 PM:] Nitrozac: ? Rocks!
[2:12:25 PM:] RickMacMerc: I love that the coverage continues without a pause to the other side of the street
[2:13:00 PM:] Snaggy: wow apple.com is slow. Did something happen today? [Wink]
[2:13:10 PM:] RickMacMerc: not that I heard
[2:13:36 PM:] Snaggy: is everyone Shuffling over to the store?
[2:17:42 PM:] KFI_Leo: theyve unveiled the iwork banners
[2:17:58 PM:] KFI_Leo: they cover everything until steve has announced it
[2:18:17 PM:] KFI_Leo: iwork tagline...
[2:18:39 PM:] KFI_Leo: "create present and publish your work with style"
[2:18:56 PM:] KFI_Leo: just now surging through the doors into the hall
[2:19:15 PM:] KFI_Leo: il snap pix if i can
[2:20:20 PM:] KFI_Leo: wow most crowded show flor in 10 years
[2:20:41 PM:] KFI_Leo: microsoft booth is right next to apple
[2:21:47 PM:] RickMacMerc: [Big Grin]
[2:22:04 PM:] RickMacMerc: side by side comparison of office software
[2:25:43 PM:] RickMacMerc: speaking of offices...I need to go to work now
[2:26:30 PM:] RickMacMerc: thanks again to everyone for making our keynote coverage great
[2:26:53 PM:] RickMacMerc: see you all online later
[2:34:52 PM:] KFI_Leo: ok i've posted pix
[2:35:01 PM:] Snaggy: ooooo
[2:35:03 PM:] KFI_Leo: im going to log out and return to rl
[2:35:07 PM:] KFI_Leo: thanks everyone
[2:35:14 PM:] Snaggy: Ok bye Leo, have fun!
[2:35:30 PM:] KFI_Leo: thanks snaggy - love the icons btw
[2:35:37 PM:] Snaggy: oh thanks!
[2:35:52 PM:] Snaggy: you look fabulous, I must agree :-)
[2:36:04 PM:] Snaggy: Nitro did a great job
[2:36:10 PM:] Nitrozac: thanks guys!
[2:36:47 PM:] Nitrozac: do you have an url for Leo's site?
[2:38:22 PM:] Snaggy: http://leoville.com/blog/index.php/C4/
[2:39:12 PM:] Nitrozac: oOo great shots!
[3:41:32 PM:] Snaggy: keynote up... thanks astrodawg: http://stream.apple.akadns.net/
Log file closed at: 1/11/05 4:19:47 PM

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